Is Coaching For You?

Bridge The Gap Between Where You Are Now & Where You Want To Be

That’s a question everyone asks themselves before investing the money in a coach.  And yes, it’s an investment, an investment in yourself, you future, your success, your relationships, and your well being.

It amazes me to hear the amount of money people are willing to invest in things like alcohol, cigarettes, dinner out, and unnecessary material things.  Yet they find it almost unimaginable to spend money on improving themselves, their life, their relationships, and their business.

Yes, it does cost money, it takes an investment from you on a financial basis, a mental basis a time basis, and then it takes action from you outside of the coaching calls we’ll have together each week.  I and no other coach or company is the magic pill.  There is no magic pill or quick fix for success.  Studies show it takes 3 to 5 years to create successful business so it also takes patience.  The reason my company is called You’re The Difference is because I believe YOU’RE the one who’s going to make the difference in your life and in your business.  Your coach is your road map, your cheerleader, your guide, your biggest fan and supporter.  But You’re The Difference in the end.

I’ve personally had a coach for the duration of my career and many times over my friends, family, and other agents would ask me that very question, “why do you need a coach, you know how to do what you’re doing and have been doing it for years, why keep paying them?”

My answers were always the same and haven’t changed to this day.  First of all I was committed to being the best both personally and professionally.  I wanted to be highly successful and I studied what others did and saw one common trend, they didn’t get their alone.  They had mentors, leaders, coaches, advisors, and a support team around them.  I knew I had to create the same if I was going to get there.

First I began with my support team.  This included my family and reaching out for their help when I needed it with my kids, and anything else domestic that I may need help with as I was growing my business.  I reached out to my lender, my closing agent, my exterminating company, my home inspector, and told them what my plan was.

I asked if they would be on board in supporting me with my business and perform as though they were a part of and an extension of my team.  I told them that I couldn’t be at the loan application, the inspection, the final closing, or the termite inspections.  I explained that I needed to be out generating more business for us all and selling more homes so we could all make more money.  I told them I needed to be able to depend on and trust them to take care of their part of the transaction without my presence or management.

They agreed and we set up the expectations for them and a plan to present this to my clients each time.  Remember, your clients will follow the lead you create for them.  Its only feeding your own ego to think you need to be at all this stuff.  Let the professionals do their job and when its time, do yours!

I created a 6 month plan for myself and my business, a year plan, and a five year plan.  I was broke when I first started, I was 6 months pregnant, had just moved to a brand new town, and we were living with my parents until my husband found a job, and until I got my business off the ground.

That was January, and I ended up closing 35 deals my first year in the business in a brand new town six months pregnant.  I honestly didn’t even know how to get to the grocery store and back.  When I coach you I will teach and share with you everything I’ve learned and done along the way to grow my business from 35 to over 140 transactions my best year.

I studied professional athletes, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Olympians, I looked at famous actors, and actresses, I looked at other top producing Realtors, sales associates from other types of companies, and entrepreneurs of all kinds.  I interviewed some and asked how they got there. The one common trend again was they all had coaches, mentors, and a support team.  Even though I was living with my parents, and my husband didn’t have a job, which by the way meant we were broke, I knew I needed a coach to get there.  Coaching wasn’t cheap; mine was $1,000 a month.  I was afraid, I was scared, I was pregnant, and I didn’t want to do it but I had a burning desire, a plan, and a strong commitment level so I knew I would make it work.  If others can do it I can do it was my mantra.  I posted that everywhere in my house, my car, I read it, I sang it, I repeated it over and over again.  If others can do it, I can do it!

So, I applied for a credit card with a $15,000 limit to pay for my coaching for one year.  I told myself that if after a year the coach wasn’t making a difference for me I would quit with coaching and do it on my own.  I’ve kept a coach ever since.  I truly can say that without the coaches, mentors, leaders and support team I’ve had I would never be where I am today.

So, is coaching for you?  I don’t know but I know it was for me and I know that it’s made a huge difference in the lives of those I’ve come in contact with over the years who have had a coach.  You know even a high school cross country runner can’t be the champion without a coach?  Even someone trying to lose weight has a hard time without a trainer, a mentor, someone to hold them accountable.

We are human beings and we thrive with structures, disciplines, routines, someone to cheer for us, someone to be proud of us, someone to show us the ropes and pull us up when we need to be pulled up, and someone to let us flourish and bloom when it’s time for that.

Is it for you?  Only you can decide that… remember, You’re The Difference!

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