Coaching With Christy

Bridge The Gap Between Where You Are Now & Where You Want To Be

Take More Expired & FSBO Listings

6 week tele course

$199.00 – In this six week tele course Christy reveals exactly what she says, does, and mails to generate more than 70% of her business from working with expired and FSBO listings.  Each call is approximately 1 hour and are consecutive for six weeks.  The first three weeks Christy will focus solely on her system for working with expired listings.  The second three weeks she will focus on working with FSBO’s. 

Christy demonstrates exactly what she says when calling them in a live role play format right on the call where you can interact and discuss all the questions and objections you’re worried about getting when calling or interviewing with expired and FSBO’S. 

Christy will share her mailing pieces with you and share her fowl proof follow up system.

In each call she will reveal powerful NLP language patterns to give you the confidence and power you need to set more appointments and take more listings.

Christy will motivate, inspire, educate, and empower you throughout the course.

With other agents from across United States joining you in the course accountability will be at a peak and you will engage with other Realtors who are looking to do exactly the same thing you are.  Success and results are inevitable when you participate in this course.   

Each call is recorded and sent to you so you are able to listen again and again at your convenience to ensure you absorbed all the valuable information Christy shares.

What To Say & How To Say It For Realtors

8 week tele course

$249 – Learn how to literally take your entire business and life from the bleachers of life watching other Realtors, athletes, business professionals, and the rest of the world be on the court of life playing full out to YOU being on the court! Discover how to BE the one in all areas of your life.

Learn exactly what Christy has done over the last 23 years to create a highly successful real estate business, create and train a real estate team, co-write and publish one book, co-write and record another, co-find her coaching company, endure one of the worst housing markets ever, complete a marathon, get a brown belt in two martial arts styles, become an avid cyclist, raise two kids in the midst of it all who are in soccer, baton, marching band, Boy Scouts, and all advanced classes, learn what she says and does to STILL sell over 100 homes a year while coaching, and continuing to raise her two kids both under the age of 14.

Her goal was to share all of herself, her knowledge, her experience, and expertise in this 8 week course, and THAT she did! If you are looking for the missing factor you will not want to miss this.

Group Coaching

$199 per month – 1 call per week with Christy

Gain personal access to Christy at an affordable price with running partners in Group Coaching.  Each week Christy will personally lead a 30-40 minute call on different topics and discussions that will take you from where you are to where you want to go.  Christy shares everything she’s learned over the last 24 years to help you grow your business while having the life you’ve always dreamed of.  This is a six month commitment with up to 5 Realtors per group offering strong accountability and a springboard to master the real estate business.

Individual Coaching

$795 per month – 1 call per week with Christy

As the highest level of coaching, this is not for the faint hearted.  There is an interview and acceptance process to qualify for individual coaching with Christy as she only allows a select few at a time.  With this intense personalized format, she is able to discover exactly who you are and what you’re doing to determine what you need to transform both personally and professionally to take your entire life and business to the next level.  Christy will work with you on every aspect of your business and life to ensure top performance.  This is a weekly 45 minute call with just you and Christy working on everything in your life and business.  She shares all of herself and her business with you.  This is a six month commitment

Team Coaching

$995 per month – 1 call per week with Christy

Team coaching allows Christy to train you AND your entire team on everything you need to know and do to run a successful team.  Christy will personally lead a 45 minute call each week with your entire team.  And each team member gets 1 bonus call per month with just them and Christy working to together to master their role in the team.  With Christy’s experience of growing her business from just herself to a team of seven she has the knowledge and expertise to get you and your team to the next level.  This is a six month contract

Assistant Training

$149 per month – 1 call per week with Christy

Christy will personally work with your assistant to reveal to them everything you want them to know but don’t have the time to tell them, show them, train them, or manage them to do.  Christy will work with them on scripts for talking with your customers, checklists and systems for managing your inner office, secrets on making your life easier and teach them how to take care of you.  Having your assistant highly efficient, empowered, confident, and trained will undoubtedly lighten your load and increase your revenues.  The goal is for the assistant to generate enough income to cover their salary and create profits for you.  Christy will personally This is a three month commitment and there will be up to 5 assistants per call.

Elite Retreat

$8,000 – 1 call per week with Christy plus 2 weekend retreats

This is the peak where they say it gets thin at the top.  If you’re looking to truly transform your entire being and create the life you’ve always dreamed then don’t overlook this year long program.  Christy will personally interview each candidate to ensure they are where they need to be to take on this year long elite retreat.  This includes one 90 minute call per week with you and up to 10 other individuals who are serious about getting off the bleachers of life and onto the court playing full out in all areas of their life.  This includes one weekend retreat with Christy at the beginning of the year and one at the end of the year long program in her personal home where you’ll spend a weekend working personally together on each part of your life and business. 

Role Play Connection

$49 a month – 1 call per week with Christy

This is a weekly call that you can join at your leisure and when you want.  Christy allows up to 20 agents at a time on each week’s role play connection so you can interact with other agents and personalities to role play all the questions and objections we face in the business on a day to day business.  This could also be called an objection handling workshop.  If you’ve tried to have role play partners in the past then you know how hard it is to find dependable, strong, and committed partners.  The Role Play Connection gives you the dependability you need to practice and sharpen your skills.  Each week’s connection is 30 minutes.  This is a month to month commitment.