Bridge The Gap Between Where You Are Now & Where You Want To Be

What’s with this word Commitment?

Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving week!  Before I share today’s post, my heart compelled me to stop and take a moment to give all the glory to our awesome God.  Not that I’m anything extraordinary but without him I wouldn’t have had the journey... read more

Ingredients To Success

As I’m working on business planning for 2016 both for my real estate team and for the Realtors I coach and train across the United States, I created a list of the ingredients to my personal success.  I wanted to share the list with you real quick and then over... read more


Copy and paste this link to your browser and discover some tips I shared on the Agent Success Summit this year.  If I can be of support to you with building your real estate business send me an email or visit my website at... read more


Do you ever find yourself caught up in that “someday” conversation?  I know I have all too many times over my life.  But then, I read something, hear something, or talk to someone who’s doing that very thing I said I wanted to or would do, someday.... read more

What are YOU up to?

That’s the first question I recently asked my team when I met with them to discuss our 4th quarter goals and begin planning for 2016.  Then I asked them to ponder a few more.  I asked them to take some time in addition to answering these questions and decide... read more

Can You Do It?

Check THIS out from one of the Realtors I’ve been coaching for 3 years now… in the beginning she said “I’m not sure it will work for me” Now look at her… over the 3 years she also bought her dream home & a boat!   “IM... read more