Falling Into The 3rd & 4th Quarters

Wow, it’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to write. As I type this, I have found a few hours this afternoon in between appointments to stop and enjoy some peach tea at Panera and catch up on some writing and sharing. It’s about 90 degrees... read more

What’s The Secret?

I thought about what it really is that enabled me to be able to sell over 100 homes year after year, and realized it’s nothing really extraordinary, and nothing that anyone can’t do if they want to. In the end I kept coming back to one word, consistency.... read more

Here It is Here’s the link to purchase the 8 week course I’ve been talking with you... read more

From The Bleachers To The Court

So today we did our final call together in the 8 week course I’ve been sharing with you. After finishing our last call and preparing to package the calls as a product for purchase I decided to change the name of it from What to Say and How To Say It to From The... read more

Their Results Are Happening

So over the last few weeks I’ve been sharing what we’re up to in the 8 week course I’ve been leading. This past week was primarily geared toward mindset, motivation, inspiration, and attempting to really challenge my participants to take their life... read more