Several weeks ago I wrote about coaching and deciding which type of coach would be best for me at this point and I promised to share the answers to some questions I came up with and here they are.

After about 2 months off from coaching, I decided on Friday to hire a coach again and also signed up for the advanced course with the program I’m with.

If you’re on the fence about whether investing in a coach, yourself and your future is right for you maybe this will help give you some clarity.

After reading and giving thought to it, If you decide hiring a coach makes sense, I would love to apply for the job of being your new coach!  Email us at if you want to talk about the option that would work best for you.

What does a coach represent in my mind?

A coach represents someone to hold me accountable, to push me beyond where I’m comfortable, to call me to the carpet when need be, to teach me things that will help me to do what they’ve already done thus saving me time, money, effort, stress, and possible overwhelm.  I mean why try to re create something that works?  Why not use the road map and arrive successfully at my goal!  

Why would I want to hire another coach?

I’ve had a coach for my entire career with the exception of a few weeks or months off here and there.  I know for sure I wouldn’t be where I am personally, professionally, or financially without having had those coaches.  

How much am I willing to spend per month or per year on a coach or multiple coaches if that might be best?

I think $12,000-$24,000 a year and the investment would depend on the coach and what they are able to bring to the table.

What am I looking to get out of the coaching?

To continue moving forward, evolving, playing full out, and continuing to dream, create vision, inspiration, and motivation.  To be outside of my comfort zone.  To continue taking risks and going beyond the limitations that naturally occur as a human being.

How much am I willing to put into the coaching, not money wise but effort wise?

100% would be my goal, why invest if I’m not committed to doing my part in the deal.

Do I think it’s going to be the magic answer, or am I willing to accept that in the end, I’m the difference?

I realize the results come from in between calls not on the calls, after all it doesn’t matter what I know if I don’t take action.

What type of coach exactly am I looking for?

Someone who’s had a lot of coaching, training, and experience themselves.  I high-level coach who can actually contribute to me and not just tell me what I want to hear or have me run the call.  Someone who actually cares, knows my name, understands who I am, where I’ve come from, and where I’m looking to go.  I want a coach that’s genuinely interested in coaching me to the next levels in all areas of my life. 

Am I looking for a coach to tell me what I want to hear?


Am I coachable and willing to hear what I may not want to hear at times?


Am I hiring a coach to look good to others?


What exactly about having a coach has it even be a conversation for me?

It’s all I’ve ever known if you want to be good, rise to the top, and be the best you must have someone cheering you on.  What great athlete, performer, entrepreneurs are out there that didn’t have help, guidance, and support?  Not many!

How long am I willing to commit to one coach?

As long as it takes

I hope this was helpful for you if you are contemplating hiring a coach.  Check ou that page here on our website, Is Coaching For You to go a bit deeper if you’d like.

“Christy Crouch is the co-founder of You’re The Difference Sales & Life Coaching, co-author of the highly acclaimed real estate objection handler book, Now What Do I Say? a collection of more than 400 answers to over 70 of the most common questions and objections faced in the real estate industry. She has been in the real estate industry since 1991 and is still an active Realtor in Virginia with RE/MAX and leads her team of 4 in selling 100’s of homes a year after year.  Christy has participated in closing thousands of transactions during her career, was inducted in the RE/MAX Hall of Fame for her production, awarded with an excellence award from RE/MAX International for being in the top 10 for the Central Atlantic Region, The Lifetime Achievement Award for production and longevity with RE/MAX.  She recently received the Chairman’s Club award from RE/MAX, is in the top 2.3% of her marketplace, the mother of two adoring children who are involved in Soccer, Marching Band, Boy Scouts, and both honor students.  Christy is a runner, cyclist, Spartan racer, and enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her family in her free time.”  Visit more information at or email