I had a few coaching calls today and it seems the common denominator was frustration for my agents. I too am experiencing frustration, I’ve had two deals fall through already this year, all the closings that were due to close in January have been delayed to February due to all kinds of crazy things, my assistant of years decided to leave and stay home full time. I hired a new assistant and the first day she called in sick. I’ve had some really strange and out of the ordinary listing appointments that felt like a huge waste of time. On a personal note my fiancee wrecked my car that has now been in the shop for over two weeks, he got a speeding ticket this weekend while traveling to see his mom, our well pump went out and had to be replaced, my mom just had a major surgery, my uncle just died, we found out my aunt has cancer, there’s a kid at my son’s school that has just been told he only has days to live from the cancer he’s been fighting since June. All of this since January 1st 🙂

The agents I coached today said they feel like they’re spinning their wheels spending time and money on various things with little to no result. I just finished the last call and then got an email from another of my agents who’s coaching call isn’t until tomorrow and the subjection line of her email was frustration!

We have to simply accept that frustration, overwhelm, stress, staff turnover, and not always seeing immediate results, are all part of the business we’ve chosen to be in. We are the only ones that can control and create the consistency we need to prevail. In the midst of it all we can choose what actions we take each moment, and what reactions we allow ourselves to have.

Sometimes we need to take a breather out of the business to recollect our thoughts, our focus, and to create solution oriented actions. This can be a quick ten minutes to an hour or it could be that you need a few days away from your business.

We must think of it all as long term and not just right now today. If you are planning to be in the business for an extended amount of time them it makes sense that no one day, week, deal, client, or staff member will make or break your business. Make sure you pay careful attention to what and who you let take you off your game.

If you haven’t created your vision for this year yet, take some time to do it. Another coach who is a friend of mine recently shared an exercise with me that she and her husband are doing this year. She said they both chose one word as their motto if you will for the year. The took out a poser board and wrote it in the middle and then in different colored markers they wrote all the things that came to mind around that one word. This sounded like a fun idea so I took it on and am asking my clients to take it on as well. The word I chose for the year is acceptance.

I wanted to share this in case you are experiencing some similar things things in your life and in your business. Because as you can see, we all experience the same things. We are all humans doing this thing called life. I believe the more we can share with and support each other the easier it is on all of us. Don’t try to go it all alone. Reach out for support and help even if it’s just someone to run things by, a listening ear. One of my clients today was sending an email to her assistant about some things she had dropped the ball on and she read it to me to make sure it sounded okay before she sent it. Had she not done that and we softened it up some her assistant may have quit on the spot because she released all her frustration in the email without realizing and forgot that there was a human being on the other side and didn’t consider the impact. Just simple things like running something by someone before you take action can make a big difference in the results you get.

If I can be of support to you please reach out, my personal email is christycrouch@aol.com and you will actually receive a personal response from me. I am not the huge coaching company where when you call in or decide to sign up for coaching you get referred out to someone else or transferred to another coach. You will always work with me personally. My intention is not to be huge it’s to make a huge difference. I am still an active agent and will remain active in the business as I feel this is largely beneficial to my coaching clients because I am still out here in the field and in the trenches every single day with you. I know what’s going on in today’s market and support based on that.

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