I’ve had many Realtors inquire about the expired and fsbo course that we started last week wondering if we are going to do it again or if it was too late to sign up. As a result I have decided to run another course just after this one finishes.

Please be sure to read all of this post as I am not only telling you about the course, after that I will contribute as always with information designed to help you continue to succeed in your business and in your life!

This next run will begin on Thursday February 21st and run through Thursday March 28th. The time will be the same as the current course, 12:00 – 1:00 EST.

If you missed this one and are interested in joining me for the next one, please visit our website at www.yourethedifference.com to sign up or email us at info@yourethedifference.com

If you missed the description before, here it is again:

Discover how Christy was able to grow her business from 0 to 35 deals her first year in the business in a brand new town where she didn’t know a soul. 95% of her business this first year came from working expired and fsbo listings.

Learn how she perfected and streamlined the scripts, the follow up, the mailings, and the objection handlers to grow her business from 35 to 140 deals a year in less than 5 years.

Beginning on Thursday, February 21st 2013 Christy will lead a six week tele course sharing exactly what she does and has learned. She’ll spend the first three weeks on Expired listings and the second three weeks on FSBO’s.

The cost for the course if you sign up before February 1st is $149, after February 1st it’s $199. The course includes her scripts audio program which normally sells for $50.

Each call is one hour long and again, will run from 12:00 to 1:00 EST. Each call is recorded so you can listen and download each week’s call for future listening. The course also includes a hard copy of the scripts and the mailings that Christy sends to both expired’s and fsbo’s.

Jump start your business and take it to the next level this year with this intense course designed to help you immediately start taking more expired and fsbo listings.

It’s packed full of information, motivation, inspiration, and all the skills you need to be as successful as you choose to be.

The course traditionally fills up quickly so please visit our website at www.yourethedifference.com to sign up today. Just visit our home page and click on the FSBO sign to add to you cart.

So my contribution for today is a personal story. I went for a 30 mile bike ride this weekend with three men. One is in his 70s, one is in his 60s, and one is in his 40s. I was the only girl and am a bit younger than all of them. If you know me then you know my personality is a bit high strung and I’m on the go from one thing to the next all the time. For the first few miles I was grinding it out trying to keep pace with them hoping I didn’t have to ask them to stop too many times after the 3 cups of coffee I had before we met.

Well, that didn’t happen less than 3 miles into the ride I said “can we stop at the store so I can use the bathroom” The man in his 60’s said sure I have to go anyway after the 5 cups of coffee and beer I had this morning. Now mind you it’s 10:00 in the morning, I laughed and said are you serious? He said no of course. I realized at that moment that I was trying to look good to no one who cared. They didn’t care if I had to stop ten times because they aren’t on a schedule or a deadline and were just out enjoying a nice Sunday morning bike ride.

From this point on I decided I would really be present and pay attention to these men to see what I could learn from them about life. In my mind I decided it would one day be a book of sorts once my kids are grown and I transition into writing on more of a full time basis. I began making mental notes. The older two are both track coaches for two local high schools and have taken many to the state and national championship levels. The one in his 40s ran track, plays volleyball, is an avid cycler and athlete. I am just someone wanting to stay in shape, not gain any weight, and maintain health.

My purpose today is to share a few things I got from them. Nothing will be new for you, it wasn’t necessarily new for me. It was just a nice reminder of many things. I like bullet points so I’ll simply share a few points with you now in hopes it makes a difference in your day!

1. Slow down and don’t always live your life around the clock and what time it is.
2. Don’t rush the things you enjoy.
3. Put the same emphasis on your personal time as you do your business time.
4. If you have to stop to go to the bathroom, stop.
5. When you’re hungry, eat.
6. When you’re thirsty, drink.
7. When you’re tired, sleep.
8. When you’re irritable, take a minute to yourself.
9. Ride through some areas of town that are not as fortunate as you are and say hello. We were riding through the roughest part of town in my area on a bike Sunday morning and I was scared and nervous at first and upset even that they were choosing this route. I cannot tell you the number of jolly people who happily said god morning to me dressed in their best walking to church.
10. Later we rode through what is considered the nicest part of our area and a couple walked by I said good morning and they didn’t so much as acknowledge me, don’t be that way.
11. Notice the smells and fragrances around you.
12. When you finish riding, walking, running, or driving up a mountain, stop to enjoy the view for a moment, don’t just head back down.
13. Don’t feel like others are more, better, different, than you. At the end of the day we’re all human beings with the same basic needs, wants, and desires.
14. Focus on giving others what they need instead of looking for what you need, your life will be happier.
15. Accept that when you choose to do things the average person is not, it’s generally hard.
16. Take water wherever you go.
17. Be thankful for your sight if you still have it, it’s a blessing like no other.
18. If you ride, run, or walk you’ll find FSBO’s that you would’ve never found otherwise.
19. Exercise is healing in every respect, get some!
20. Choose to make 2013 YOUR year!

“Christy Crouch is the co-founder of You’re The Difference Sales & Life Coaching, co-author of the highly acclaimed real estate objection handler book, Now What Do I Say? a collection of more than 400 answers to over 70 of the most common questions and objections faced in the real estate industry. She is still an active agent in Virginia, has participated in closing thousands of transactions in her career, was inducted in the RE/MAX Hall of Fame for her production. Christy is in the top 2.3% of her marketplace. Her goal is to share what she’s learned with other agents to support them in having a highly successful real estate sales business while having a happy and balanced life. To learn more about her coaching and products please email her at christy@yourethedifference.com or visit her website at www.yourethedifference.com