The Secrets To Objection Handling

Guys if you’re in real estate, accept that you’re going to get objections!

All sellers want the most money for their home, they want you to cut your commission, they want lots of advertising, and open houses, they only want to list for 30 days, etc. All buyers say they’re “good” without talking with a lender, want to look before being qualified, want to see every home on the market before they buy, don’t need an agent; and the list goes on.

Since you’re going to get objections, wouldn’t it be great if you could powerfully and confidently handle them? Good objection handling skills naturally make appointments more fun, easy, and exciting.

First, it’s important to realize where objections come from. They only come from people who are considering doing business with you. If they didn’t want to do business with you, they wouldn’t objection. It wouldn’t be worth their time. So getting an objection is actually a good thing.

Why do people objection, stonewall and defer decisions that will ultimately be the best thing for them? The answer is always: FEAR. They are afraid, and want to feel they have an advocate for their decisions, their dreams, and most importantly, the dollar in their pocket. When you call a For Sale By Owner, they fear that you are going to take that dollar out of their pocket. We know that, time after time, we can actually make a seller more money and get them moved faster than they can on their own.

And they’ll never believe that unless you believe in what you are saying. If you are not telling them the truth, they will get uncomfortable and never sign on the dotted line. As you study objection handlers, be very aware of how your personal beliefs might sabotage your success. Our mind is a scary place to go alone sometimes!

Remember when handling objections, people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. Put their needs, wants, and desires above your own. When you come from a place of true care and concern for your client, they automatically feel and know it. That alone can make the difference between getting the sale and not getting the sale or listing.

When handling objections you will typically wan to align with, acknowledge and accept your client’s objection and let them know you are on their side. Defending obviously puts you on the other side. You want to be WITH them – not against them. Never argue with a prospect or client.

People like people who are like themselves. Immediately look people in the eye if you are in person, watch their body language and put your focus on them instead of yourself. The more you align and build rapport with your clients, the better chance you have of them choosing you over your competition.

In most cases, you need to approve what the client says, and sometimes repeat it before actually handling the objection. This makes sure they feel heard. Most objection handlers should feature approval and/or repetition.

Clients aren’t coming up with new real estate objections. If you’ve been in the business for some time, you already know the objections that you typically get. If you’re just starting out, you’ll learn soon enough! Regardless of how long you’ve been in the business, don’t be surprised, or caught off guard anymore when you get an objection. Simply realize that objections are a natural part of our job, and practice handling them.

Whether you practice the handlers that we offer in our book, Now What Do I Say?, a collection of more than 400 answers to over 70 of the most common questions and objections, or you create your own, role play in front of a mirror or with partners. It is imperative that you practice them to the point of memorization so you can competently and confidently handle them when its time.

Practicing will give you lots of confidence, alleviate your fears, and allow you to relax a little. Your confidence and enthusiasm will show through and, more often than not, actually handle many objections before they are even voiced by the client.

Knowing the difference between an objection and a condition is critical. Simply put, an objection is something that, if handled property, can lead to a sale or singed contract. A condition is a roadblock; you cannot get around it. Asking you to cut your commission is an objection. Not moving until their child finishes school is a condition.

Make a list of the most common objections you face and write answers for them or If you’re interested in our book, please visit our website at to order your copy. We have it available as an immediate E book or an audio download where you can discover not only WHAT to say but HOW to say it when answering the questions. If you prefer the published version you can get that on

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