So you’re finally on the listing appointment, you’ve prepared, researched, set aside time, got over the fears and anxieties of walking up to the front door. You’ve walked through the home and discussed your marketing plan, the right price and they like what you have to say but “The other agent agreed to reduce their commission”

So you you do one of two things. You agree to reduce yours or you powerfully and confidently handle this objection and ask them to sign with you at your full commission. With our job getting harder and harder I’m not an advocate for reducing my commission. Everything is taking much longer to sell, and finally close than it ever has before and remember, you’re in the business to make a profit, its business so treat it that way!

Here are a couple different ways of handling this objection from our objection handling book, Now What Do I Say? A collection of more than 400 answers to over 70 questions like this that we get in our daily business. If you don’t already have a copy and would like to purchase one we have it available as an E book and audio download on our website at or in the published format on

Here are they are:

I can appreciate that the other agent has offered to do it for less. And I’m curious; do you know many listings that agent actually has right now? My concern is that they may just be trying to get a listing and, in turn, be ablet to use your home to pick up other deals. I have “x” listings right now, and my intention is to help you actually get the home sold, and not just takea listing that I can use to pick up sign or ad calls from. That is what you want, isn’t it?

(For the straight talkers) So can I ask you, do you want an agent who will get you less for your house just like they got less for themselves?

That would be great if the agent could actually provide you with the same service for less, but they can’t! I have a question for you: why would an agent work for less? Could it be because they are desperate for business? And if they are desperate for your business, chances are they don’t have the skills to keep their own business going, let alone manage you biggest financial investmtne. Doesn’t it just makes sense to hire an expert in the field to protect your equity?

It’s great that the other agents aid they will do it for less. And, I’m curious; did that agent share with you what their current list to sale price ratio is? And did they also share their track record of how many homes they’ve actually sold vs just listed? The reason I ask you is because, lets face it, it doesn’t really matter what commission they charge if they can’t ultimatley get the home sold. Does that make sense?

(for the analytical ones) That makes sense. And would you be interested in hearing how I can make you more money? It’s really simple math, the agent who said they will do it for say 5% is going to get you about x% (use the average list to sales price ratio in your area) of your asking price, as you can see by these market stats. And, as you can clearly see by my track record, I’m averaging x% (use your average list to sales price ratio or your companies). So, you obviously get what you pay for. By paying my full commission and listing with me, I make you, on average, x% more money than the other agent That’s a x% net to you, or $x more money in your pocket.

I hope these are helpful to you and that you can pick one or two that resonate with you. Practice them and be able to confidently present them and you’ll undoubtedly take more listings at the commission you want! Or write your own if you dont’ like these. The key is to be prepared with answers.

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