The Fourth topic in my business planning call was Tips for creating efficiency in your business and systems

You want to make handling your business as easy and as efficient as possible.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous articles, I’ve ran a business from 35 deals to over 140 over the years. And I’ve used the same systems throughout the duration. They’re simple, manual, and most of all efficient. They are set up so that anyone can hop in and help and so that I could package and sell my business when I’m ready to step out.

1st is lead follow up..

Nothing fancy guys, nothing even computerized or needing technology. Yes, I have the computers, the Blackberry, and all the fancy gadgets but this is what has worked the best for me:

31 manilla folders labeled 1-31 representing the days of the month and 12 labeled Jan-Dec representing the months of the year. I have a buyer lead sheet and a seller lead sheet that reflects all their contact information and prequalifying questions for each so I know what their situation is.

The lead sheet goes in the appropriate date of when I need to follow up with them. I work this system daily and that’s the key is staying on top of your leads in order to convert them to appointments and ultimately to more business for yourself.

2nd My listing book – I carry anywhere from 50-70 active listings at a time so I needed something quick, easy and efficient to be able to handle servicing the sellers, keeping up with feedback, and answering sign and ad calls.

I have a 3 ring binder with tabs labeled A-Z. For each listing I have an information sheet w/ the sellers contact information, a copy of the MLS input sheet, and a log to keep track of agents who have shown it, the date they showed, the feedback and the date it was given to the seller. That’s two sheets for each listing the showing log is copied onto the back of the information sheet and then the mls sheet. They go in based on the street name so when I get an ad call on Seasame street I flip to it and there is everything I need.

I have a listing checklist for each listing that itemizes everything that needs to be done to process a new listing. Once everything is done the checklist and the listing agreement go in a file in a file cabinet and I don’t have to touch the file again.

3rd A pending book – I have the same thing a 3 ring binder A – Z for each pending. I have the information sheet with all parties contact info..the seller, the buyer, the other agent, the lender, both closing offices, the appraiser, etc. so I have everyone I need to communicate with easily accessible. The mls sheet so I have the info I need on the house, my closing checklist with everything that needs to be done from contract to closing and a notes sheet to keep notes along the way.

Once the contract and addendums have been sent to appropriate parties it goes in the file and I don’t have to touch it again. The information sheet has all the contingencies and deadlines of the inspections, loan app, etc. on there so all I need to handle the entire closing is my pending book. This enables me to handle multiple closings without having stacks of files all over the place. Just one nicely organzied 3 ring binder.

4th Buyer book – another three ring binder – same thing but ONLY ready, willing, able, motivated, qualified buyers are in here. These are the buyers I’m actively working with who will buy today if they find the right house. This is NOT designed for lead follow up.. they should go in your lead follow up system. This is just buyers who are looking right now. I email them new listings daily myself. I don’t use the automated systems b/c I want to personally see what’s coming on the market and what I’m sending. I want to be in personal contact with my buyers on a daily basis so they feel taken care of and I don’t chance them calling another agent. Buyer agency has become huge and if you’re working them you’d best step it up to ensure they remain loyal to you.

5th – past clients , yes another three ring binder, I have a past client lead sheet for every past client I’ve ever had. Their contact info, what they bought or sold and the year they did it. Then there’s a section for notes for when I make phone calls to them. I do have them in a database as well so I can easily mail to them 4x a year.

6th – a policy and procedures 3 ring binder that contains specific instructions on how to do everything in your business. All the websites, passwords, etc that you need. Copies of letters, scripts, forms, checklists, etc. This should be your entire business in a package. Set up so that anyone can walk in and figure out how and what you do. This makes it easy for training staff, for staff turnover, and for yourself in case you lose something, your computer locks up, or you decide to sell your business.

The more organzied you can become in your business and your life for that matter, the more likely your success will be!

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