Our Third Topic on our call was Ideas For Creating Business…

So there’s nothing really new and exciting here guys. I know, you were hoping for that magic pill or button you could just push or take. And guys, if there were one I would be one of the first to take it or push it, but unfortunately, there isn’t.

Here’s where the name of our company comes in, YOU’RE The Difference! What YOU choose to do in your business every single day will determine your success. I’m not gonna tell you anything you haven’t already heard before. Let’s face it, there are only so many ways of creating business. The key is choosing a few that resonate with you and then becoming a master at it.

Some cost money, some cost time, some require rejection, some are fun and some are not. The point, there are pros and cons with each, as there is with anything in life! You have to pick what you can commit to doing on a consistent basis for the duration of your career.

So let’s quickly review the ways of creating business, in my opinion, in the order of what’s most effective:

1. Prospecting.. YES that ugly P word that no one really likes but that can literally change your business and put thousands and thousands of dollars in your pocket.

This would include Expireds, FSBO’s, past clients, sphere of influence, just listed, just sold, friends, family, acquaintances, people you do and give business to and of course lead follow up.

This is the one most agents reject b/c they’re afraid of exactly that, rejection. My answer to that is GET OVER IT and like Nike says, JUST DO IT.

Calling people is personal, its free, its effective and its how I built my business 0 to 35 deals my first year in the business in a brand new town where I didn’t know a soul.

I barely knew how to get to the grocery store and back. All I did was call people all day long. I did 35 deals that year, 73 the next, 85 the next, and then 102 and from there continued to over 140 and stayed at the production level of 120-140 for several years before scaling back to start coaching. My entire business was built on primarily from prospecting. It works, if you do!

2. The internet – it’s being proven every day to be one of the most effective tools of gaining exposure for yourself and your listings. Undoubtedly the next generation will continue to make this a priority in our business.

It’s a must to be utilizing the internet to it’s fullest extent. Facebook, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Twitter, blogging, etc. You must work it consistently and efficiently. This can be huge in both profits and losses if you aren’t careful.

Don’t allow it to suck you into the pit of darkness by consuming all your time and money, but by all means, don’t leave it out of your business plan.

3. Advertising homes – if you don’t have your own listings borrow them. It costs money but, let’s face it, it makes the phone ring with buyer leads who in many cases also have a home to sell.

4. Self Promotion – This would be branding yourself. This is highly effective if you have the money and you do it right. It takes time but there’s no resistance and not a lot of effort once you have the branding and market awareness. There’s an agent in my market place who came into the business and within only 3 years everyone in the industry knew who she was and she became a top agent in less than 5 from branding. She spent a small fortune though and 8 years in the business, had still not made a profit.

5. Farming – This would be choosing specific neighborhoods to target then working them very consistently with strategic mail outs, flower seeds, door hangers, etc. until you become known as the neighborhood specialist. Your goal is to become a household name for the areas where no one thinks of buying or selling without thinking of you first.

6. Open houses & floor time – This is something that’s free and has little to no rejection. I think the key with this is picking the right houses and areas to hold open and then strategically placing the ad content to compel buyers to want to call or visit. I’ve never done a lot of open houses myself b/c statistics show that less than 1% of homes are sold as a direct result of open houses but I’ve heard some newer and what would seem more efficient ways of holding them like only holding them open for a thirty minute time frame and doing two or three on a Sunday instead of one. For instance, you do one from 1:00-1:30 one from 2:00-2:30 and one from 3:00 to 3:30 leaving yourself 30 minutes driving time between each and advertise it as a tour of homes type thing…

They all can work and will, if you choose to master them and then consistently do them.

That’s the key, consistency! The consistency of what you do day after day determines the consistency of your income month after month.

“Christy Crouch is the co-founder of You’re The Difference Sales & Life Coaching, co-author of the highly acclaimed real estate objection handler book, Now What Do I Say? a collection of more than 400 answers to over 70 of the most common questions and objections faced in the real estate industry. She is still an active agent in Virginia, has participated in closing thousands of transactions in her career, was inducted in the RE/MAX Hall of Fame for her production. Christy is in the top 2.3% of her marketplace. Her goal is to share what she’s learned with other agents to support them in having a highly successful real estate sales business while having a happy and balanced life. To learn more about her coaching and products please email her at christy@yourethedifference.com or visit her website at www.yourethedifference.com