What Makes A Great Agent?

Some say its experience. Some say its knowledge. Some say it’s a great marketing plan. Some say it’s great negotiating skills and some say it’s great closing and objection handling skills.

I say its desire, its energy, its enthusiasm, its commitment, its daily disciplines; it’s treating it like a business and acquiring the skills necessary to be the best you can be. It’s a willingness to put your client’s needs, wants, and desires ahead of your own. I say it’s being selfless; it’s being honest and having integrity even when no one else knows the difference. I say it’s someone who listens more than they talk. I say it’s someone who has no ego and isn’t controlling or on some power trip to strong arm the clients or try to show how much they know and worse yet, having a huge ego on control trips with other agents.

I say it’s someone who takes the time to learn their market stats, inventory, and know how to educate their clients. It’s someone who is genuinely interested in helping the client and not just getting a paycheck. I believe it’s someone who spends time working on their business to remain at the top of their game.

I know you may have heard this all before and sure, it may even be elementary but a kick in the butt and a friendly reminder every now and again goes a long ways sometimes. So, here it is for you!

Take some time to think about the agent that you are. Are you a great agent? Are you someone you would want to work with? Are you humble? Are you confident? Are you skilled? Are you ready and willing to do what it takes to be a great agent in this business?

If not, what’s stopping you? Write down some thoughts, ideas, and actions you can take and then get to working on it. Now is the time to begin preparation for 2013. Let’s make it the best year we’ve had since the market recession. The conditions are favorable; things are falling in place, now YOU can be the DIFFERENCE in your life and your business if you choose to! I believe the information you have doesn’t mean a thing if YOU don’t take action and make the difference, thus the reason for my company name, You’re The Difference Sales & Life Coaching.

One of my great coaches once told me “If you can keep your environment clean and organized, your weight, finances, and ego under control, you’ll be as successful as you want to be.” I have never forgotten that, and live by it to this day.

I would like to invite you to my website to see the products and services that I offer in case I can be of support to you. My website is www.yourethedifference.com.

“Christy Crouch is the co-founder of You’re The Difference Sales & Life Coaching, co-author of the highly acclaimed real estate objection handler book, Now What Do I Say? A collection of more than 400 answers to over 70 of the most common questions and objections faced in the real estate industry. She is still an active agent in Virginia, has participated in closing thousands of transactions in her career, and was inducted in the RE/MAX Hall of Fame for her production. Christy is in the top 2.3% of her marketplace. Her goal is to share what she’s learned with other agents to support them in having a highly successful real estate sales business while having a happy and balanced life. To learn more about her coaching and products please email her at christy@yourethedifference.com or visit her website at www.yourethedifference.com