What can you do today to increase your business? Do you have leads you can follow up with? Expired’s and FSBO’s you could call? Past clients you could call and check in with to see who they know that you can help? How about your listings? Which ones need price adjustments to sell, will you ask for it? Take action today and watch your business improve 🙂 If you are looking for a great coach, I would love to be the one!

You’ve heard it all before, you know what to do, you may even already have the skills, expertise, and experience, but the question is, are you doing it and if not why? If so, great and congratulations on a job well done!

If you aren’t doing what it takes to grow your business daily, undoubtedly you know having a coach will support you in doing it. Having someone to refresh your skills, maintain your mindset, hold you accountable, help you see things you don’t, remind you to work on your business and not just in it to ensure you have sytems and tools in place to handle it all. Help to support you in having a healthy balanced life where you thrive both in and out of the business.

For today, if you haven’t already please take the time to look at the remainder of the year and determine how many new transactions you want to do before December 31, 2012. Decide which days you will work and which you will be taking off. Make plans ahead of time for any special things you want to do with your family, friends, or for yourself before the end of this year. If you plan and schedule it’s a lot more likely to happen! Go ahead and begin to think about next year and your goals for next year as well. Those who plan win!

I have been doing this for the last 23 years and I want to contribute to you. Will I make money doing it? The answer is yes, unfortunately we all have to work for a living but it’s honestly not about the money for me. I truly want to make a difference for you. I charge half what most do for individual coaching and simply want to give back. If I can help you, please email me at christycrouch@aol.com