I just got this email and couldn’t help but share it. This is a fairly new coaching client of mine who’s been very coachable and doing the things I’m teaching her.. it’s beautiful to see when it works:

Email from my client:

I made a call yesterday that was follow up from Friday…so call 2. I booked appointment for 1pm yesterday. They said they had to think about it. I handled the objection in 2 different ways and they said they want to meet with one other agent. I wasn’t sure if that was an excuse or not so I called this morning to follow up and gave my handler for neighborhood specialist. That I like only having 1 listing in a neighborhood to focus all of the marketing and buyers on that 1 home and not share the buyers between 5 to 15 homes like a neighborhood specialist would do. J

He also asked if there was some way to get out of the contract after 90 days. He was very hung up on that because his last agent did nothing. I went ahead and told him I would allow him to give me a 30 day notice after 90 days J

He said come on over and we are ready to go!!!

$289,000 listing.

My Response:

SOOOO happy for you!!!!!! See objections are just questions in the minds of the client that when answered competently and confidently lead to more deals, more money, more happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are looking to grow your business, I would love to help you. Please call or email me if you are interested in having me support you. Someone once asked me, why do you always have a coach? That was a great question because she always heard me saying my coach this and my coach that. Well, without my coaches I would not have accomplished anywhere near what I have in business or in my personal life. My coaches have been my mentors, leaders, best friends, sometimes my worst friend, and my lifeline.

Look around at anyone who’s accomplished anything really big, athletes, singers, performers, top salespeople.. I could go on and on.. they all have coaches, mentors, and leaders, and you should too! The cost is less than you spend on dinner and coffee in most cases fortuantely except this is something that will actually have profoundly positive impact on you, your business, your life and even your family!

I want to give back and support, if you’re ready let me know!