The housing market and economy are finally starting to shift and pick up.  We have had an influx of calls, emails, and inquiries about our book, products, and coaching programs.  We have been out of the loop with communication for a while and are excited about contributing again.

We are busily working on creating a few new courses and one hour teleseminars to bring you new and improved information.  We will soon have all our audio programs available as a download on our website and are working on recording my listing presentation and a new live role play program with the most recent objections we’re facing in the business today.

Scott and I are really excited to get reacquainted with you.  Please stay tuned as we begin to blog and write articles again.  If you haven’t already joined check it out.  It’s the new Broker Agent Social site and brings a ton of information and is a great place for networking with other agents across the US.  I recently wrote an article for them about what to expect when selling a home in today’s market.  If you get a chance check that out.  It’s something that I’ve been providing to all potential sellers prior to the listing appointment to educate them up front with as much information as possible.  It has been extremely helpful to the clients and removes a lot of questions and objections before you walk in the front door!

Please let us know if there’s anything at all we can do to support you or questions we can answer at this time.  As always if you want wish to be removed from our list please click unsubscribe below.

We hope you are on track to making 2012 YOUR year!