What’s most challenging as a Realtor?

As an agent myself for over twenty years, still actively selling in the midst of
this chaotic market, and coaching agents across the United States, I have
learned that most of us have the same challenges.

The top 10 I hear most often are:

1. How do I get more business?

2. How do I handle and present pricing to sellers so they list at a price that
will cause the home to sell?

3. How do I market my listings?

4. How do I handle all the objections buyers and sellers give?

5. How do I organize myself, my business, and my schedule?

6. How can I have a personal life and a successful business without
it being stressful and overwhelming?

7. How do I develop and maintain confidence and daily discipline?

8. How do I do an effective listing presentation?

9. How do I develope stronger negotiating skills?

10. How do I market myself?

The question is, how and what do we do to overcome these challenges?

I find that in most cases an agent has it together in one area, but not so much in the other. Ahhh, That balance thing.

It does take balance to have sales and life work together. In fact, it takes a lot of stuff to have it be even close to a life most would want.

I don’t have to tell you. You see it, hear it, and probably have experienced itfirst hand yourself.

With many highly productive salespeople they experience lots of money and
success but their health, diet, stress, sleep, relationships, kids, and overall well being is largely impacted.

Many salespeople find themselves divorced and married again several times, kids who they don’t even know, shallow show type friends, a fast food diet, many smoke and drink or pop pills to minimize the stress this sales business

They don’t have time for friends. They don’t have time for exercise or eating
right. They can’t spend quality time with their kids because they have SO much to do all the time. There’s never any time for them, many are totally exhausted at the end of the day.

Our society is so fast paced and so intense that it’s hard enough to keep it all in balance. Throw being a top producing salesperson in any business, and it proves even more difficult.

How do I know, Because I’ve lived it.

I went from being a drug addict working in an administrative position to a top producing agent selling over 100 homes a year, The co-founder of You’re The Difference Sales and Life Coaching. A coauthor of the highly acclaimed real estate objection handler book, Now What Do I Say?, A collection of over 400 answers to more than 70 of the most common questions and objections that Realtors face.

When I moved to a brand new town where I didn’t no anyone and was six months pregnant, I sold 39 homes my first year in the business.

I’ve raised my two kids in the midst of building my real estate business, creating our coaching company, and writing the book. I’ve been through the divorce because I didn’t have time to be a wife, didn’t have time to be in true relation with him.

I’ve been through the ER trips thinking I was having a heart attack or stroke
only to find it was anxiety and stress from trying to keep it all together.

I’ve participated in closing thousands of transactions and experienced all the different issues that can come up along with the pressures, stress and learning curve that come with it.

I’ve been the top agent that other agents don’t like and talk about because
they can’t stand the success.

I’ve experienced the good markets and the not so good markets in this business.

I’ve learned how to overcome all of the top ten challenges and many more along the way.

Over the course of the next few weeks as 2010 comes to an end, I’m going to
share articles with you addressing each of these challenges. I’ll share what
I’ve learned along the way not only from my own experience, but from coaching
with hundreds of agents across the United States and learning from their
experiences and challenges as well.

You can do this business, do it well, and have the life you want at the same
time, and so much more. If you’ll open your mind to the possibility that there is a way, that you don’t already know everything, and that you can actually learn something.

Yes, even if you’re a seasoned agent who’s been selling for a lifetime. You have to be willing to remove your ego, open your mind, and allow the space for growth in your business and in your life.

I still have a coach myself and have had a coach for over fifteen consecutive
years. I don’t claim to know everything or have it all together. I am human
and know I need to continue to learn, grow, be held accountable, be challenged and then give back what I’ve learned.

My intention is to teach others How To Sell, How To Live. This is also a year long course that my coach and I offer where we personally walk you through each step it takes to create a highly productive sales business and a healthy, well balanced life.

I invite you to read my upcoming articles as I share with the intention of
making a difference in your life and in your business. I don’t have the magic
pill or all the answers. In fact, that’s exactly why our company is called
You’re The Difference, because we believe You’re the one that makes the ultimate difference. No coach, company, book, seminar, audio program or anything else can do it, only you can.

Am I trying to sell you something? Of course I want you to take advantage of
the coaching, courses, and products that we offer because naturally, all of that will make a huge difference in your success. The more you immerse yourself, the faster and larger the results, I don’t have to tell you that.

I invite you to visit our website to see what we do offer, and if it’s a fit for you, great! I would love to personally lead you and teach you everything I know.

I will invite you to some free conference calls that my partners and I will be leading to support our clients in making 2011 a great year. I hope you will take advantage of this and not write it off as just another one of those sales calls.

I look forward to sharing with you in my upcoming articles.

Remember, what you do in your business right now will determine how the first
quarter of next year is. Don’t wait for New Years Resolutions… Begin now!

Start creating a plan for 2011. Ask yourself the following questions:

How many deals do you want to do?

How much money do you want to create?

How many vacations do you want to go on and where?

What areas of your business need improvement?

What do you need to clean up, clean out, and organize before the end of the year so next year can arrive with clarity?

How do you want to contribute and give back?

What areas of your health need your attention?

What relationships need improvement?

As you answer these questions begin to create a vision for what 2011 looks like for you and write it down. Less than 3% of the population takes the time to plan their life. They spend more time planning their weekends and vacations than they do their lives. Consider that if you plan your life and business it will automatically unfold just like your greatly planned vacations do!

Make 2011 Your Year!

If you haven’t already purchased our real estate objection handling book, Now What Do I Say?, a collection of over 400 answers to more than 70 of the most common questions and objections that we face in our business. I invite you to check it out on our website to see if this or any of our other products, services, and coaching may benefit you. We’re having a year end sale on everything right now in an effort to prepare our customers and clients for 2011. Please visit us at www.yourethedifference.com

“Christy Crouch is the co-founder of You’re The Difference Sales & Life Coaching, the co-author of Now What Do I Say?, and still an active agent in Virginia. She has participated in closing hundreds of transactions throughout her career and has been inducted into her company’s Hall Of Fame for her production. If you are interested in talking with Christy about coaching with her, email her at christy@yourethedifference.com.”