I’m currently involved in a year long coaching program, and my coach gave me an action item for the week, and it was to be Olympic with my time.

He is coaching me on how to work less hours and still do the same amount of business.  Of course, my ego immediately says NO WAY, you can’t do that!  How on earth would you ever get everything done in this business of real estate, especially with the current market?  I mean don’t you have to work harder and longer now, more than ever before just to stay afloat  in this market?

After letting this action item sit with me for a few days I ‘ve come to believe,  I don’t think we do.  I think if we really took on being Olympic with our time, service, and focus, we could create Olympic style results in real estate without necessarily working longer or harder.

Scott and I have always taught our clients to be efficient with their time and how to spend most of the day doing things that will create income for them. 

But, the idea of being Olympic with my time, really resonated with me.  I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it on a daily basis and find myself often asking myself, are you being Olympic with your time right now? 

I can’t stop imagining how great it would be if we as agents treated our business and the Olympians do.  How would we behave differently on a daily basis?  What would the possibilites for us be?  And our clients for that matter.

You know they practice for hours, they eat well, they have coaches and mentors and leaders.  They look at what the competition is doing and strive to do better.  They are fanatical about the results they produce.  They are careful about who they hang around and what they allow into their minds.  They educate themselves constantly on how to become better. 

They realize that mindset is one of the biggest keys to their wins.  Believing you can is more than half the battle. 

Do you think you can sell real estate Olympic style?  If you do, and you want to, I would like to invite you to join us for a course with some other top agents across the US who are committed to selling real estate Olympic style. 

Beginning on Monday, September 14th, How To Take More Expired and FSBO Listings.  In this six week course Scott and I will personally lead you on a one hour call each week where we’ll teach you exactly what I do and say to get more than 70% of my business from calling and mailing to expired and fsbo listings.  70% of 110 deals a year is A LOT of business guys. 

I want to be your coach, your leader and your mentor and simply share what has worked for me, and I promise, it isn’t that hard.  If you allow for the training and coaching and take it on, you’ll disvoer that it’s really quite simple and only a small shift in what you spend your time doing.

The cost is only $399 and that includes a copy of my Scripts CD, a $49 value giving you everything I say to the prospects I call each day.

Being in the course also allows you free access to my monthly business planning call where I share exactly what I do each day to sell an average of 110 deals a year.  This includes a question and answer at the end where you can ask me personally anything you want to help grow your business.

Please email or call us at 609-601-1296 or info@yourethedifference.com to reserve your space.

I hope you are on track to Making 2009 YOUR Year!