Change Is The Only Constant

Over the last few months I have found myself really fighting the changing market.  You would think by now I would’ve simply accepted it as long as it’s been going on.  But, I’ve kept telling myself and my clients that it’s going to get better after this or that.  And, while it gets a little better it doesn’t seem to last.  In fact, my broker and I were talking the other day and he’s been in the business for over 30 years, I’ve been in for over 20, and we both agreed this is the most inconsistent and unpredictable markets either of us have ever seen.
Guys, I realize I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know.   I am telling you in hopes that it will compel you to accept the change and embrace it as I have finally chosen to do.  My personal coach keeps telling me everything in life is a choice.  We can choose whatever we want. In talking with my coach each week I realized I have been playing the victim to the real estate market and the economy for a while now.  I actually have been trying to “fake” myself into believing I haven’t been playing the victim by continuing to grind it out day after day and thinking that it’ll go back to the way it once was.
Instead of continuing to play the victim, through many breakdowns I have come to realize that I have been fighting it and trying to hang on to the limb of the “old” days, and it’s time now to simply “be” with the new market conditions.  My coach told me to stop fighting the current and just flow with it.  He said I was hanging on to the tree limb while the waters of the river were rushing around me.  I thought, yea easy for you to say, and didn’t give it much more thought until experiencing mini breakdown after mini breakdown.
Then I thought WOW, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing, fighting the current of the changing market and economy instead of taking it on as I know I can do. Now, I have still sold over 40 homes so far this year despite the market so I’m still doing fairly well in most agent’s opinons.  To myself I am way off track and I found myself actually getting depressed, anxious, and irritable over all this day in and day out.    Finally, I’ve become sick of myself and on my own nerves with my mindset being in the tubes for so long.
There is still money to be made and people that need our help as professional real estate agents, now more than ever.  The market is choppy, unstable, uncertain, and our customers and clients need strong, professional agents who aren’t afraid of rolling our sleeves up and getting the job done to help them.
You know buying and selling a home is generally one’s largest single investment, and having the professional guidance through these uncharterd waters is actually invaluable to them.  Our job is to get out there and find the people that want and need to buy and sell and to educate them along the way.
If you’re afraid of reaching out to the pubic, I understand.  I have been doing it consistently for over 10 years now on a daily basis and I am still scared sometimes when I dial the first number of the day.  However, it works.  Ten years ago I moved to a brand new town where I didn’t even know how to get to the grocery store and back and sold 39 homes that first year by making phone calls, sending mail, and following up like my life depended on it.  The next year I sold 75, and from there forward I’ve been consistently selling an average of 110 homes each year.
I share my breakdowns with you because I want you to know I have no ego, and I don’t think I’m any more, better, different than the next.  I was simply willing to do what most aren’t.  My question to you now is… are you willing to be extraordinary?  Are you willing to do what the average agent is unwilling to do on a consistent basis?  If you are then I have the system, the scripts, and the skills to teach you and guide you.
My partner Scott Friedman and I have two courses begining in September designed to teach you exactly what to do and what to say to generate more business for yourself and to ensure a strong 3rd and 4th quarter. Don’t you belive that once the school year gets back in swing, we have a great window of opportunity as the fall market begins and we head toward the end of this year?
You have to MAKE it happen though.  It’s unlikely that tons of business will just fall in your lap.  You have to be willing to go out and find it.  There are more expired and fsbo listings now than ever before and I have gotten over 70% of my business from calling and mailing to expired’s fsbo’s.
Beginning in September I am going to co-lead a course with Scott sharing exactly what I do each day to get this much business from calling and mailing to expried listings.
It will take place in the form of a one hour call each week for six weeks.  The cost is only $399 and includes a free copy of my scripts CD which is me voicing all the scripts I use each day.  It gives you access to my monthly business planning call where I spend one hour sharing exactly what I do each day to sell so many homes each year.  It includes a copy of all the mailings that I send to expired’s and FSBO’s.  Just being in the course will help you increase your business and confidence.  If you would like to join us please call us at 609-601-1296 or email us at to reserve your spot.
The other course is based from our book, Now What Do I Say?, a collection of over 420 answers to more than 70 of the most common questions and objections clients give you.  If you don’t already have a copy of this book, please visit our website at to purchase your copy.
This course also begins in September and is called What To Say And How To Say It.  This is also a weekly one hour call for 8 weeks.  Scott and I will teach you how to powerfully and confidently handle any question and/or objection that you’re faced with.  We will teach you how to use NLP language patterns to close more deals as top sales people across the United States use all the time without us even realizing it to sell us millions of things.  We will teach you how to generate confidence anywhere, anytime.
We will motivate and inspire you to take action in your life and business and the cost is only $499.  This gives you access to the business planning call as well and a free copy of our Now What Do I Say? live role play CD which is myself, Scott and our co-author, Donna Fleetwood doing a live role play of 12 of the most common questions and objections we face.
Here are a few:
I want you to reduce your commision
Thank you but, I’m going to try FSBO
I want to start high and come down later
I’m going to list with a discount broker
Thanks for coming over, we want to think it over
Send me your card and I’ll call you
Buyer objections
We want to take it off the market
Surely knowing what to say and how to say it to these types of questions will help you close more business, won’t it?  Join us by calling 609-601-1296 or emailing us at
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I hope you are on track to Making 2009 Your Year!

Christy Crouch