Now What Do I Say?

As many of you know, Now What Do I Say? is our recently published book.  A 
collection of over 425 answers to more than 70 of the most common objections and 
questions that we face in the real estate business.  

It covers questions from generating business to getting more listings taken and 
contracts signed.  It even covers negotiating price reductions, contracts, home 
inspections, converting sign and ad calls and much more.

I want to thank all of you for the huge outpouring of appreciation, comments, 
interest and questions that you've had over the last few months as my partner 
and co author, Scott Friedman, and I have been writing articles and blogs for 

Many of you have asked about specific scripts, objection handlers, and ideas for 
creating more business.  If you haven't already read some of our previous 
articles, please check them out.  Scott has written several articles on how to 
powerfully handle objections, negotiate, and communicate.  I have written 
articles on customer service, business planning, scheduling, and the things I do 
to sell an average of 110 homes a year. 

We've both touched on mindset, accountability, and given free scripts and 
objection handlers.  I am confident that if you are willing to go back and read 
them you will automatically be inspired and have the knowledge to do more 
business right away.  

If you need support with finding or accessing all of our previously published 
articles, please contact us at or call us at 609 601 

I want to offer you a few other options....  

Many of you have purchased the book both in print and on audio, which is the 
best option because here you can read it AND listen to it, which is invaluable.  

It's been proven that knowing WHAT to say is one thing and knowing HOW to say it 
is a completely different thing, with an entirely different outcome for you.  

So I invite you to visit our website at to purchase 
your copies.

One thing we all know is, the more you read, listen, practice and study, the 
better you become and the higher your results.  So, my question is, what's 
stopping you from getting on the practice field,?

We also have a live role play CD with Scott, myself, and our co author Donna 
Fleetwood. This is us doing a live role play of the 12 most received objections 
and questions, and it's only $19.99!

Last, before I give you some more valuable information in this article, I want 
to mention and invite you to purchase my scripts CD.  Here you will get all the 
scripts I use to sell an average of 110 homes a year.  

It covers calling expired's, FSBO's, past clients, just listed, just sold, and 
ad/sign calls.  All this for only $49.

Once you visit our website and see all the information that we offer for free, 
and the extremely low costs of our products and coaching, you'll quickly see 
that Scott and I are not about making tons of money off you.  Instead, we are 
really interested in being a contribution to you and your business.

I have began a challenge with myself to ensure that the 3rd and 4th quarters of 
this year show improvement over the 1st and 2nd.  I want to share it with you 
now in hopes that you may take some of it on, and end your year powerfully as 

I have committed to the following:

For at least one hour each day I am going to focus 100% of my time, focus, and 
energy toward generating brand new business.  Talking, finding, mailing or door 
knocking to people that I've never talked to before.

I am going to spend at least one hour per day following up on leads that I 
already have to generate appointments.

I am going to spend one hour each day communicating with and servicing my 
current clients.

I am going to spend 1 hour per week working in getting price reductions on my 
active listings.

I am going to spend 30 minutes each day working "ON" my business and not "IN" 

I am going to take at least 15 minutes everyday in complete solitude to be 
grateful for and appreciate all that I have been blessed with and to visualize 
the things yet to come.

I am going to spend one hour a day exercising and/or stretching.

I am going to spend 2 quality hours per evening with my husband and two kids 
creating the family life that we all say we want, but don't seem to take the 
time to actually make it occur.  This will mean no tv in the evenings for us :).

This is only about 5 hours out of the business day and 2 after hours.  This 
leaves plenty of time for showing houses, listing appointments, and necessary 
administrative work.

Surely you can agree that following a daily routine like this could improve your 
business, well being, and happiness, can't you?

I invite you to commit to this and join me for the next 3 months and see what a 
difference it makes for you.

Remember, You're The Difference so let's be the difference together and Make 
2009 Our Year!