If you are looking to do more business, here are some proven scripts that I use to consistently sell  an average of 110 homes a year even in this market.  Right now I have 67 active listings and used these exact scripts to generate them.

My partner, Scott Friedman and I at You’re The Difference Sales & Life Coaching are committed to helping our customers and clients continue to excel in this market.  Our intention is to provide as much value as possible to you in our articles and blogs.  We hope that you have found our information helpful and informative.  Please visit some of our previous articles and blogs if you haven’t already read them for more valuable information.

When I take a new listing, I call all the neighbors in the neighborhood that are not on the DNC list and either speak with them or leave them a message and here is exactly what I say:

Hi, this is Christy Crouch with The Crouch Team at RE/MAX All Points and real quick as a part of my customer service I wanted to call and let you know that I just listed a home in your neighborhood at _______, The price is ________.  I’m actually calling all of the neighbors and wanted to leave a quick message for you about the home being for sale in case you happen to run across someone who is looking to move into your neighborhood.

If you do, or have any questions about the home, or property values in your area, my office number direct is _____________.  I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and if I can ever assist you with buying or selling, I would love the opportunity to interview with you.  I consistently sell an average of 110 homes  a year and would certainly take excellent care of you should you ever have the need.  Thanks again for listening and hope you have a great evening!

Now right off the bat, I know you’re thinking wow that’s long.  And, it is a long message, however when presented powerfully, professionally and confidently it is amazingly effective.  Guys, one year I took 18 listings alone from just cold calling like this.  The message is nice, informative, and not a pushy sales call.  I actually have neighbors call and thank me for letting them know.

In addition I send them a just listed postcard as well so now they’ve put a face with a name and heard from me twice for little investment on my part.

After the home is sold I call them again with the following just closed script:

Hi, this is Christy Crouch with The Crouch Team at RE/MAX All Points, and as a part of our customer service I wanted to call and let you now that we just recently closed on the house that we sold in your neighborhood at _________________.  The home ended up selling for ______________ and we hope that you will help to welcome you new neighbors.  They’re name is _____________________.  If you have any questions regarding the sale of the home or anything at all regarding real estate, please feel free to call me, my office number direct is ____________.

I also send a just sold postcard.   So each time I list a house the neighbors are hearing from me a total of four times between listing and closing.  Twice by phone and twice by mail, again creating strong name recognition for little to no expense.

These are voice mail message scripts and live calls are basically the same scripts.

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I hope you are on track to Making 2009 YOUR Year!