In coaching agents and being an agent myself for the last 20+ years, I have found handling objections, and dealing with rejection, to be the two most difficult things we face as agents.

Learning to powerfully and confidently handle the objections will allow you to do more deals with more satisfied clients.  You know, the objections we face don’t change.  There are only so many that come up.  Learning what they are, and how to handle them is one of the biggest keys to your success!

Rejection is something that is hard for many of us to accept and deal with.  If you can learn to let it roll off your back and to go through whatever cycle you go through when faced with rejection faster, you will undoubtedly do more business!

Realize that whatever occurs for you around rejection is only in your mind.  The reality is that you are still living, breathing and okay.  What’s more important is in most cases, the person rejecting us isn’t rejecting us personally.  They simply don’t need our services at this time.  Not taking it personally is critical to doing more business.

I literally prospect on the phones two to three hours every single day and have consistently for the last ten years.  Believe me I’ve faced rejection time and time again.  I have chosen to accept rejection as part of what is necessary to grow my business.

There is MONEY between you and rejection.  Let go of believing that rejection hurts you and watch more money come your way!

We all know that it takes risk to do anything great.  One of the biggest risks we face in really growing our business is being rejected.  If you want to just sit in the office or an open house and wait for the clients to come to you, then you don’t have to face much resistance and likely won’t do a whole lot of business if this is all you choose to do.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who is looking to really do more deals, you have to be willing to put yourself on the line.  You have to be willing to go out and find, and ASK for the business.  Accept that doing this will create some rejection for you and just allow for it.

Top salespeople in most industries have to go out and make sales calls either on the phone or in person daily to make decent money.  I challenge you to investigate this yourself.  Talk to top salespeople in this business, as well as others and ask them how they got to be so successful.  I bet you’ll find that most of them go out every day to find and create new business.  How often each day do you go out and find new business?

Lets face it there are only a couple ways to make it in this business.  You can buy it, wait for it, or find it, right?

The trouble with buying it is that it costs A LOT of money to buy the business.  Waiting for it isn’t something you can count on, plan for, or do again and again, it’s just a by chance kind of thing.  So it makes really good business sense to go out and find and create it, doesn’t it?

Simply accepting rejection as part of what it takes.

Handling objections is something that my partner, Scott Friedman, and I talk about a lot in our articles and coaching.  We also c0-wrote the book, Now What Do I Say?, a collection of over 420 answers to more than 70 of the most common questions and objections that you’ll face in this business.  If you haven’t already purchased a copy, please visit our website at to get your copy.

This alone will help you to handle the objections more powerfully because we’ve given you all the answers.  You can of course make a list of the most common questions and objections you face when trying to get more deals and then come up with your own answers.

The key is to be prepared.  Don’t be caught off guard and taken out of your game just because the client objects.  Objections are part of getting more contracts signed.  As my partner Scott always says, the client wouldn’t object unless they were considering doing business with you.  So, get excited when you are faced with an objection.

Being prepared takes practice and dedication.  If you want to be able to respond to the clients questions and objections powerfully and confidently then wouldn’t it be a good idea to role play and practice your response?

Professionals from all walks practice, role play and rehearse but for some reason as real estate agents we feel that doesn’t apply to us.  I’ve never understood that.  We are handling what is in most cases our client’s largest single investment and they are paying us a TON of money to represent them and show up like a true professional should.

Think about how much time you put into preparing, praticing and rehearsing your business.  This is a very small thing that can make a HUGE difference in your business.   Many times agents ask me how I sell an average of 110 homes a year and it’s the small things like this that I choose to do that most agents don’t that makes the difference.  Our company name is You’re The Difference for a reason 🙂

On our website, we also offer a “LIVE” role play CD of myself and my two co-authors handling 12 of the most common objections we’re faced with each day.  Listening to this CD before your appointments and /or prospecting will undoubtedly help you to be more powerful and confident.  It’s only $19.99 plus shipping that’s the cost of a music CD but will actually make YOU money.

Please let Scott and I know how we can support you.  We have courses on handling objections around our book.  We offer individual coaching, group coaching, and an expired and fsbo 6 week course that teaches you how I get over 70% of my business from calling and mailing to expired and fsbo listings.

If you are interested in joining us for any of our coaching and/or courses, please email us at or call us at 609-601-1296.

I hope you are on track to Making 2009 YOUR Year!