Mindset is one of the most critical factors in our life and in our business.  Where is your mindset most of the time?  I challenge you to take notice of it and actually write it down throughout the day.  Where are the majority of your thoughts?

If you believe in the Law of Attraction, and the idea of “you get what you think about”, which lots of gurus and studies have tried to prove, then we best be thinking about what we WANT and not what we DON’T want, right?

I personally am guilty of naturally being very pessimistic, negative, and my mind continually goes to the “dark” side of most situations and things.  In studying the mind, human “being”, and behavior over the last several years. I have been able to transform it to some degree.  Well really, transform isn’t even the right word to use, but rather control it.  I have learned to control what I allow my mind to think about and focus on some of the time.  I will say I’ve found it extremely hard to do anything with the first instinctive thought that occurs but it gets easier to control the following thoughts.

Recently I have found myself in some very challenging and unchartered waters in my personal life, and in my business, as we all have with the economic situation.  At first I found myself dealing with it in a very “normal” fashion.  Talking about it with everyone, thinking about what’s not right, what’s wrong, how did this happen, etc.  I did this for about two weeks which may not seem that long, however, I was totally drowning in the situation and the negativity of it, while quickly pulling those around me down in the depths with me.

I knew better of course.  I mean I’m the co-owner of a coaching company for goodness sakes.  I’ve co-written an audio program, You’re The One, about being the one to make a difference in your own life.  And, I’ve studied self improvement for over twenty years now.  You would think I would know better, right?

I’m being this authentic with you because I want you to know that even those of us that “appear” to have it all figured out and all together, and to have so called “arrived”, actually don’t and haven’t.  In fact, I would venture to say that  no one on the planet has it all figured out , or is perfect at this thing called life.  We are human beings just like the rest and are on this journey called life, right here with you.

The difference if there is one, is that we keep coming back to and reaching out for the things that will make a difference in our lives and business.  It’s the awareness, the willingness, and the accountability of hanging out with others who won’t allow you to be anything but the greatness that you were put here to be.

After the two weeks I spent on the dark side, I decided to retreat alone for a few days.  I told my staff I wouldn’t be in the office for a few days and that I would be working from home.  I pulled out a few great books that I had read in the past, I listened to a few powerful audio programs, I rewrote my business plan for the remainder of the year and am now in the process of rewriting my 2009 letter.  The 2009 letter is a letter to myself dated Dec. 31, 2009 and it’s congratulating myself for all the amazing things I accomplished in 2009.  It’s written in great detail and encompasses all areas of my life and business.

As soon as I did this you will not believe the good things that started occurring in both my personal life and my business life.  Listings started selling, clients started calling out of the blue to buy and sell.  My family showed up in ways I hadn’t seen them before and friends were more supportive than I thought they would ever be.  Do you think they all changed or suddenly everything got better just because?  Maybe.  I’d venture to say that it was most likely because I changed.  My focus, my being, my thoughts, my intentions changed and then as a result the world around me changed.

I challenge you to take a few days to yourself and rekindle your fire.  Rewrite your business plan.  Take on writing a letter to yourself dated Dec. 31, of this year and tell yourself all the great things you accomplished this year.

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I hope you are on track to Making 2009 YOUR Year!