As I watch my sixteen month old daughter, Samantha, get totally enthralled, possibly tranced out, by Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go!, Bob the Builder, and Elmo, I wonder what happens to our brains as we get older.

Samantha has very few words in her vocabulary, like “mama,” “dada,” and “gup” (for cup), etc.  There are more if you count “La, la, la” as Elmo and “Go, go, go” as Diego.  She knows how to nod her head yes or no, and seems to understand when we point to certain foods.  Some days she shakes “no” for cereal, and some days it’s a nod “yes.”  I find it very interesting that she has preferences at such a young age.

What I find incredibly fascinating is when she’s watching a show, has very limited knowledge of any language, clearly has the ability to choose yes or no, yet will always nod her head yes when someone like Dora asks, “Do you want to help us find the …..?”  Samantha has a choice, and always answers yes.

I’m not looking to make a scientific case here, but I find myself wondering when does she hit the age where she no longer wants to explore, where she’s not a “yes” to life, where she possibly goes from being a “why not?” to a “why?”?

As adults, we have come a long way from our free thinking child-like ways.  And, of course, as you read this, you might be thinking, “Of course, Scott, we’re not children.  Things are hard.  Life’s tough.  You can’t just go exploring whenever you want to, and you might get hurt if you do.”

And that’s exactly what I’m talking about.  When did we become so jaded and cynical?  When did we figure out how everything won’t work, without actually even giving it a try?  When did we decide that life is really hard?

When did we look at the TV and shake our head no when the cartoon asked us if we’d like to join in their adventure?

Look, you’ll always find why things don’t work, if you look for that kind of thing.  You’ll always be able to be cynical, and think you should protect yourself from the dangers of life, etc.  And I’m certainly not saying throw all caution to the wind and go do something dangerous.

I’m simply saying that our can-do attitude goes very quickly to a can’t-don’t attitude, and that’s not helping us even a little bit.

If you’re reading Christy and my blogs and articles, and/or you’re in our tele-courses or coaching, it’s very easy to come up with why something we tell you won’t work.  That’s what we’ve become…a sort of life and work experience trouble-shooter for ourselves.

What if we decided to try new things, especially when they’re designed to help us?  What if we were a “yes” to life?  What if we opened up that part of our brain that would explore again, and look to discover all the ways things WILL work for us?

If your mind isn’t agreeing with what I’ve just written, that’s okay and it’s normal.  However, if you aren’t 100% happy with your life and your business, then your thoughts don’t have a leg to stand on, so to speak.  If you want to improve, yet you shoot down what others tell you, how are you ever going to really know?

Our brains are amazing things, they fool us into thinking we’re right when we actually have no evidence whatsoever.  It’s called having an opinion.

And, sorry if I’m the first to tell you this, opinions aren’t facts.  They might feel true.  They might feel right.  But they’re just opinions.

So, don’t listen to the little voice inside your head.  Explore new ideas, new things, new ways of being.  Open up your mind to all the possibilities out there in your life and business.  Don’t let Dora down!  Go on the adventure!

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Go on, explore!  Try something new.  You’ll be glad you did.