We’re sorry!

We at You’re The Difference value you as a reader, customer, friend or whatever you want to be to us.  We like to give you as much value in our blogs as possible, such as objection handling, time management and lead generation strategies, as well as mindset helpers…anything we can do to help you sell more homes.

We DON’T like to bombard you.

Unfortunately, that’s what seemed to happen Wednesday.

Without getting all technical, our blog is designed to send you an email newsletter every two times Christy Crouch and/or I post something.  You should expect to get an average of about 2 emails a week with our posts.

Apparently, the blog got clogged (I’m not making that up), and nothing was coming out.  So, our web guy fixed it, but it was like he turned on a faucet.  Some of you got five or six emails, and if I’m not mistaken, you had already recieved many of the blog posts before.

So, please accept our sincerest apologies.  Our purpose is NOT to flood your inbox.

And, just in case they got buried under all the emails, please go back and read our latest posts, both from March 9th.  I continue my series on the secrets to objection handling, and Christy does the ABC’s of real estate.

Thanks for being with us!


Scott Friedman and Christy Crouch

You’re The Difference