A week ago I committed to ask myself the following questions everyday for 30 days. I want to share them with you as I have found the exercise to be very powerful, thought provoking, and motivating to keep me on track each day.

I shared them in a recent blog and article that I wrote however in asking myself these questions every day since, I have gotten such a tremendous shift in my life and business that I wanted to make certain you saw the questions too. And, I challenge you to commit with me to asking yourself these questions every single day for the next 30 days in an effort toward Making 2009 YOUR Year!

1. Who and how am I being right now?
2. Am I a confident, well skilled, top producing salesperson?
3. What kind of day amd I committed to having today?
4. How will I be a contribution to others today?
5. What book will I read today that will strengthen my mindset?
6. What CD / audio program will I listen to that will uplift, encourage and motivate me?
7. What can I do today to improve my business?
8. What can I do today to improve my overall mindset and attitude?
9. What is on my mind and in my thoughts that is stopping me, and I simply need to let go of it?
10. Where is there resistance in my life that is energy draining that I need to remove?
11. How can I make a difference for my clients today?
12. How can I make a difference in my relationships at home today?
13. What can I do today to improve my overall well being?

And I’ll leave you with a couple thoughts. Happiness doesn’t come from anything, anyone, any place, it comes from a choice. Us simply choosing to be happy. Are you choosing happiness in every moment of your life?

Sales success and mastery, or whatever you want to call it comes with practice, focus, a plan, an intention and daily work. Are you working your plan daily?

I am not aware of any professional athlete, performer, politician, speaker, truly successful sales people that have accomplished greatness without having coaches, mentors, and leaders to teach them, lead them, and hold the accountable to their dreams and desires.

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Christy Crouch