As the market is finally beginning to pick up again, surely you realize the importance of being at the top of your game.

Having the right answers to all the questions and objections that the clients continue to give you is more critical now than ever before.

Studies have shown that how an agent responds to these continuous questions can be the determining factor in which agent the client chooses to work with, and whether you'll get the deal or not.

Before I share a few objection handlers that I think you'll find helpful, I want to make sure you know what we're up to next week. On Tuesday, April 7th we will begin The Role Play Connection.

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This run of The Role Play Connection will be on Tuesdays from 3:00 to 3:30 EST beginning April 7th.

Okay, here are a few objection handlers that I hope will allow you to do more business.....

So, you get a sign call on one of your listings and try to pull them in when they tell you it doesn’t work for them and they say, thanks for the offer but we just want to look at properties with the listing agents.

Naturally you want to look with the listing agents.  That’s because you feel you’ll get a better deal that way, don’t you?  May I share what’s actually happening?  You are leaving yourself unprotected and vulnerable to one of the largest investments you’ll ever make.

See, the listing agent is actually working for, and representing the seller looking to get them the most money possible while you’re left with no one to negotiate for and protect your interests.  The seller has already agreed to pay a certain commission which actually covers our fee.  Since it’s free to you, doesn’t it make sense to allow me to help you through the process?

You’re working with a seller and the home isn’t selling, they say if it doesn’t sell, we’ll just rent it.

I understand, and do you really want to be a landlord?  I know it’s frustrating right now, and can you imagine the frustration of chasing down a tenant for late rent, month after month, getting repair calls all the time, and just generally being chained to this house for a year at a time?  Don’t you just want to go ahead and get the home sold?

Stay tuned for more objection handlers and be sure to join us for The Role Play Connection!