We’ve been hearing from a ton of people who couldn’t be on our call due to schedule, or who tried to get on but the call was full.  So, I want you to know we’ll be running these free calls periodically.

In the meantime, I’m excited to to tell you about one of our upcoming courses, mentioned on the call.

Starting Tuesday, March 10th at 1pm PT / 4pm ET, we begin our six week tele-course, How To Take More Expired and FSBO Listings.

Co-led by myself and my partner, Christy Crouch – an active agent who has sold an average of 110 homes a year over the past 9 years…and 70% of those homes sold come from expired and FSBO listings…How To Take More Expired and FSBO Listings is her exact, step by step system in a six-week course!

When you sign up, you’ll recieve:

-Exact copies of Christy’s proven scripts for calling and speaking to Expired’s and FSBO’s

– The exact scripts she uses when she leaves messages (and find out why she actually hopes to get voice mail so she can leave her amazing message)

-Her exact mailings to both FSBO’s and Expireds

-Christy’s step by step instructions

-And much, much more!

By now you know, Christy and I are two of the three co-authors of the highly acclaimed real esate objection handling book, Now What Do I Say?, with over 425 objection handlers…so of course we’ll also teach you how to handle objections or questions you might face when calling, door knocking or interviewing with expireds and FSBO.

And, we’ll give you a free e-book copy of the book just for being in the course!

The course is only $399 and I’m sure you can already see it’s an incredible value!

Click here to sign up now!

Think about it, do you have a proven system for listing expireds and FSBO’s?

Do you have scripts for talking to them more than simply one time on the phone?

Do you have scripts for messages where they actually call you back and compliment you on the message?

Do you have mailings that actually cause expireds and FSBO’s to call you back?

Do you have access to over 425 proven objection handlers written and used by top salespeople?

Do you have access to an active agent, selling an average of over 110 homes a year, walking you through her proven system and answering any questions you have along the way?

If you could have even half of what I just mentioned above, wouldn’t it already be worth much more than just $399?

Please join us for How To Take More Expired and FSBO Listings.

Click here to sign up for the course now!

Or, call us at 609-601-1296