ABC’s of selling real estate…

A … Active & Aggressive Approach and Marketing

B … Be Bold

C … Care for the Client’s needs first and foremost

D … Desire and Discipline = Results

E … Ego serves no purpose in Sales

F … Fear is only in your mind, step over it

G … Give it your all every single day

H … Have compassion for your client and their needs

I … I can do anything I put my mind to

J … Just Do It, as the Nike ad says

K … Keep it simple

L … Let others help you

M … Make Me Feel Important, visualize this on everyone’s forehead that you come in contact with

N … No, doesn’t always mean no in sales

O … Over and over again follow up

P … People just want to be accepted, so accept your clients and “be” like them

Q … Questions are the key, ask your clients lots of questions and stop “telling” them so much

R … Real estate is easy, don’t over complicate it

S … Sales is mostly in the mind set and “being”, what you actually “do” is a small % of it

T … Tell less, and ask more when selling

U … Universe and God are in control, let go and allow

V … Verbal Victim Vomit is a great way to release your little voice’s thoughts

W … Why? One of my coach’s once told me to remove this word from my vocabulary

X … “X” Sign here, take on saying this more often, Simply “X “sign here!

Z … Zest, it takes a lot of zest to make it in sales, go for it!

I’ll leave you with the thought of taking some time every single day where you step “out” of your life and your business, and take on spending some time “on” both.

Its so easy to get caught up in the “have tos” of our day to day lives. If we just take a small amount of time outside of it all, to think, plan, dream, visualize, and be grateful, this alone will set you, your business, and your life apart from the average.

Yes, it is hard to think and behave this way on a daily basis. But, if you will just take it on, and get on the court of your life, play full out, then the results will astound you!

If you’re committed to having a life and business by design, and not by chance then clearly you can see how thinking and “being” this way is one of the first steps, can’t you?

Scott and I coach many of our clients on language patterns and thought processes that redesign their way of thinking and communicating. It’s like a whole new language that once learned, can transform your entire life and truly take your business through the roof.

We have a course beginning in a couple weeks called What To Say and How To Say It. In this revolutionary 8 week course we touch on the mindset it takes to sell, the accountability it requires, and the language that makes the difference in closing more deals. We teach you exactly how to handle the toughest objections that you face in real estate, all based around our book, Now What Do I Say?

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Keep it simple and practice the ABC’s of selling.

Christy Crouch