My 14 month old daughter Samantha loves try to get out of her high chair once we take the tray off.  She almost literally jumps out of the seat.  The problem is it’s too far off the ground for her.  She’ll hurt herself very badly if she succeeds.  My wife or I need to put a protective hand across her body when taking her out to keep her from falling.

Sammi just wants to get out and walk around.  That’s what she feels is right for her.  She doesn’t see the problems with doing that, she just wants to do it.

In many ways your clients are like little children, too.  While many are intelligent, sophisticated, educated adults, they tend to act like a child does when it comes to buying or selling (some actually throw temper tantrums, but that’s not where I’m going with this!).

Many of your clients want to do things, that they think are right for them for whatever reason, that are actually detrimental.

Let’s look at this from each side:

Many sellers want to do things like list high and negotiate later, cut commission, list for a short period of time, not reduce when needed, only take full price, not counter decent offers, refuse all home inspection items, get tons of advertising and have lots of open houses.

Not one of the above items will help the seller get more money, or, in some cases, sell at all.

I want you to know that I actually typed then deleted my paragraphs explaining how all those things are detrimental to the seller.  If you feel I’m off in my thinking, please feel free to email or comment below and I’d be more than happy to explain.

Now, to the buyers.  Many only want to work with listing agents, don’t want to get pre-qualified until after they find a house, look for homes before they put theirs on the market (or have it under contract), make low-ball offers, or just get “a deal.”

None of those things will help a buyer get a deal, or, in some cases get a home at all.

Again, feel free to comment or email me to discuss how these things actually hurt buyers.

Now, after saying all this, I don’t think that clients are dumb, or should be treated badly, or anything like that.  You need to realize that you help people buy and sell real estate every day.  Clients don’t know what you know, so understand they think they’re supposed to do these things.  My daughter doesn’t know the consequences of jumping out of a high chair, but I don’t think she’s dumb.  I don’t regard or treat her badly because of it.  She simply doesn’t have the experience or knowledge that I have.

In other words, when I say your clients are like children, I’m speaking metaphorically.  Just understand that the things they want to do are not necessarily the best things to help them get what they really want.

Your job is to practice knowing what to say and how to say it and practice objection handlers, so you can provide courteous and professional service to the best of your ability.

Scott Friedman

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