It’s February, and many of you are already noticing that your listings are selling, aren’t you?

Many of you are finding more and more buyers seem to be coming out of the woodwork, right?

I know you can feel it…things are moving, no matter where you are in the country.

Yes, we still have lots of sellers who are way overpriced, and lots of sellers who can’t sell at the price that will get them sold.  But, as long as you consistently go after leads, you’ll find more and more sellers who need to sell and need your services.

Yes, there are many buyers who seem unmotivated, or simply want a deal, even when they don’t even know what to tell you a deal is.  But, if you meet with your buyers first, qualify them (beyond just a mortgage pre-qual), ask good questions to see how you can best help them and get them to sign a buyer broker agreement if you have them in your market, you’ll find more and more good buyers.

The way to find good buyers is to get good listings.  I’m sure you already know that, too.  A) Many sellers will be buying through you, or you can refer them to the next market they’re moving to, B) the sign calls come to you and you can weed through the tire kickers until you find the good buyers, who by the way may have a house to sell that you can first list.  See how that works?, he asked tounge-in-cheek.

The point is that I’m seeing movement in my market, I’m seeing and hearing movement in many markets.

The trick to you gettin’ some o’ that?

Keep your chin up – don’t buy into the doom and gloom.

Keep your head up – look around for good buyers and sellers.

Keep making calls and knocking doors – go out and get the business, and you’ll find it!

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