Christy and I have been writing these blogs for some time now, and while we have many people signed up, rarely do we get comments, unless we re-post the blog on other sites.  I’m thinking it might be because the way this blog site works is to say “No Comments” at the bottom until someone actually comments.  If I saw that, I’d think it meant I wasn’t supposed to comment.

So, please feel free to comment on any of our blogs, especially this one.

Here’s why:

I’m going to give you a couple objection handlers, and I’d like you to share yours with the other readers.

And, I don’t know if this is a benefit or not, but I’m not going to excerpt our handlers from the book, I’m going to do some handlers on the fly.  As I type this, I don’t even know what objections I want to handle.  But hey, this is my blog space, so nah nah, I can do what I want, right?

Ok, I’m actually pausing so I can think of an objection….(I won’t be long, but if you want to go get a cup of coffee that’s okay with me).

Got one!  We haven’t been on the market long enough to reduce the price!

I understand your concern, and are you aware that while you’ve been on the market, 10 properties similar to yours have come on the market, and they’re all priced lower than your home?  (Don’t forget to let them answer)  So, do you want to sell your home, or your neighbor’s home?

I know I can’t prove this to you, but I’m literally thinking about the objection I want to handle and as soon as I type it, I’m immediately typing my answer, on the fly (I still haven’t figured out why, or if that matters to you, but it’s fun).

Ok, thinking again…take a sip of that coffee…I won’t be long….

I’m back…you might get this when calling expired’s:   Where were you when my house was listed?

That’s a great question, and it sounds like to me that you’re very frustrated with the lack of activity on your home, is that right? (Let ’em answer…they’ll likely say yes).  I understand, and you know it’s a real tough market these days, did you know the vast majority of homes are expiring, just like yours?  (Let ’em answer)  Do you think it would benefit you to meet with me for about 20 minutes so I can show you how I/my office has/have actually bucked that trend and gotten X% of my/our listings sold? Great, let’s meet today at 4 or 5, which works better for you?

Here’s the key: ask questions in your objections.  Don’t tell, tell, tell.

Now, I want to hear from you.  Click the comments below and give us all an objection and a handler you like (you can even take one right from our book, Now What Do I Say?).

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And, comment below with your objections and handlers!