Monday morning.  Just the sound of it can create all kinds of feelings and emotions depending upon who you are and what you have going on in your life, right?

What if you decided that Monday is the best day of the week and approached it with possibility, excitement, and enthusiasm?

You know, it’s simply a choice.  Everything in life is a choice.  You can choose to make today the best day of your week.  Start off the week powerfully by deciding how your week will go.  Decide today how many listings you’ll take this week.  How many sales you’ll make this week.  Why don’t ya pull out your buinsess plan and look at where you are so far for the year?

Consider taking a few moments to practice your skills, and presentation.  If you’ve been involved in our courses, do our confidence generating exercise to start your week off with power and confidence.

Read a positive, uplifting book or quote.  Listen to a CD that will either teach or inspire you.

Remember our goal is to help you Make 2009 YOUR Year, and to do this we must do the small things each day, week, and month to get there.  It’s been proven time and again that mindset and attitude are two of the most important ingredients to success so be careful and take extra special care of the two.

Our company is called, You’re The Difference because my partner Scott Friedman and I believe that YOU are the difference.  YOU are the only one that can make your life and business all that you want it to be.  There is no magic pill, no magic answer, no quick fix.  It’s simply YOU deciding to take yourself on.  Our book is called You’re The One and it’s all about BEING the one to make a difference in your life.

Today, I challenge you to approach this day as if it were going to be the BEST day you’ve ever had.  Look for the good in everything that occurs today!

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Make 2009 YOUR Year!