Everything in your active listing inventory is your choice.

Everything in your pending inventory is your choice.

Everything in your bank account is your choice.

If you’re happy with what you have in the above three things I mentioned, then, as the Holy Grail guard in the 3rd Indiana Jones movie said, “You have chosen wisely.”

But if you remember, the bad guy got to choose before Indy, and he met a gruesome death.  The guard said about him, “He chose poorly.”

20 year old Harrison Ford movies aside, what are you choosing?

Or, do you even know you’re making a choice?

I hate to say it, but you are.  You are making a choice every single second of every day.

In your business, you are either choosing to do the things that will bring in business, or you’re not.

This is a business where you have to try to get fired.  Most agents don’t have a boss that looks over their shoulder.  The accountability factor is very low.  You can come and go as you please.  No one really questions you.

So, it’s easy to get caught up in the minutia of the business…the stuff that really doesn’t help you get leads and sell real estate.  It’s easy to take a half day off, go home early, come in late, or whatever else.  It’s easy not to make phone calls, or not to door knock for business.

The computer sucks you in, like some sort of black hole.  I love the computer, I created this blog post on one, and I’m happy you’re reading it.  But, I’d love it if you scheduled some time in your day to read it, rather than read it on a whim.  The computer has a way of taking hold of you, all under the guise of “being busy.”

You think that if you post a Facebook status change, blog about the market, create the perfect flyer, do lengthy email responses to unmotivated potential buyers and sellers, make detailed pre-listing packages, perfect that thank you note to the person you met at your child’s ball game, spend 2 hours doing the best darn CMA you can do, that you’re actually working.

The harsh news is that you’re not.  You’re actually just being busy…busy with activities that don’t help you sell homes.

First of all, do you really think that someone’s going to choose you to buy a house because of your Facebook status?  Besides, they’re your friend, so hopefully they’d likely choose you anyway.  But you need to call them regularly in order for that to happen.

And, honestly, do you know how much and how long and how regularly you have to blog in order for search engines to put you at the top of the list so that potential buyers can find you?  And that’s if you hit the right keywords.

I’m sort of digressing here, but the point is…what you do, or don’t do every day is your choice.  You choose not to generate leads (hopefully, you’re actually choosing to do that!).  And you choose how many listings and pendings you have.

Ultimately, by your activities, whatever they are, you choose how much money goes into your bank account.

Choose wisely.

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