I realized today that it’s almost the SECOND week in February already! Wow, how fast time goes by!

We have less than 11 months left in 2009. And I wanted to post a few questions for you to ask yourself, about your life and you business to help you evaluate where you are at this point.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how important paying attention to your progress and results is in the overall success of your business.

Scott and I have harped on the importance of a business plan and hopefully you did write one for 2009. So my first question is, when is the last time you read your 2009 business plan? Hopefully you’re reading it on at least a weekly basis, if not daily in these times.

On a weekly basis I look at my numbers for the year, look back at where I was last year at this time, and then compare my stats with those in MLS. This helps to keep me disciplined in the daily activities it takes to make it in this business.

I’ve said this before and I think it’s such a great concept and important enough to mention again; The consistency of what you do day after day determines the consistency of your income month after month.

So here is a series of questions to ask yourself to help determine where you are with your goals and production for Making 2009 YOUR Year!

1. Are you focusing 80% of your time each day on the things that will create business for you?

2. Are you taking excellent care of the current clients that you have? How often are you in communication with them?

3. How well do you know your market statistics?

4. Have you been practicing presenting them so when communicating with your clients you can powerfully and confidently tell them?

5. Are you getting some daily exercise to take care of your health and well being?

6. What are you doing to maintain a strong mindset? (Books, CD’s, coaches, mentor’s, and partners can help with this)

7. Have you stopped listening to the media about what’s going on in the housing market, or are you still allowing yourself to buy into the hype?

8. Are you getting out of your comfort zone and taking on some new approaches for getting business this year?

9. Are you hanging out with positive, uplifting, encouraging people?

10. Do you really want to, and believe you can Make 2009 YOUR Year?

You know, it’s been proven time and again that our mindset is the biggest obstacle in our obtaining most anything we want. If we think we can, we can. So I’ll ask you that question again… Do you believe you can Make 2009 YOUR Year?

If the answers is yes, then you are already over half way there! Now it’s simply time to put the pedal to the medal if you haven’t already, and get started with your plan.

Let Scott and I know how we can support you on this journey. We are here, and our desire is to help you achieve any level of success you want.

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Make 2009 YOUR Year,
Christy Crouch