It seems with the current market conditions we are getting more and more questions and objections from customers and clients before the sign on the dotted line.

Scott wrote a few for you the other day and I wanted to follow that up with a few more today.

And as Scott did, I am going to do this on the fly and not pull them from our book, Now What Do I Say? which is a collection of over 425 answers to over 70 of the most common objections that we face day in and and day out.

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Okay, so here are some objection handlers for you. These three seem to be ones that I am getting most often right now.

So, you’re trying to set a listing appointment and the seller says, Well what do you think, how is the market doing?

That’s a great question! And what it sounds like you’re really asking is, can the home actually sell in this market for the money you need to get out of it, am I right?

I tell you, the market isn’t nearly as bad as the media makes it seem, and unfortunately a lot of agents are simply blaming it on the market. Why don’t we set a time for me to come meet with you and bring you up to speed on exactly how your home is comparing to the current market? I’ll show you exactly how I’ve been able to sell 7 homes so far this year, despite the market conditions.   And, I’ll answer all the questions and concerns that you have, and see if I can actually help you. How does that sound?

You’re talking to a buyer and they say, We want to see lots of homes before we make a decision. This is understandable, and yet with the thousands of homes that are for sale in most markets, if you show each buyer TONS of homes you may not profit like you should in the end.

You know, I can completely appreciate that you want to make sure you’ve checked out all the options before making one of the largest investments you’ll ever make. And I want to make sure we’ve covered all the bases for you as well. Tell you what, why don’t we meet in my office, we’ll get on the MLS computer together and view every single home that’s on the market based on what you’re looking for? We’ll take the time to eliminate all the homes that don’t pass your approval from the detailed information, pictures, and location. Then we’ll simply go see the ones that really will work for you, how’s that sound?

You’re on a listing appointment and the seller says, I’m going to interview a few more agents before I make a decision.

Of course you want to make sure you hire the best agent for the job of selling your home and protecting your equity. And what I’m left with is, I haven’t answered all the questions and concerns that you have, have I? Before I leave, let’s quickly take a moment to review the biggest obstacles most sellers have, okay?

Then from here go back through the following 4 areas which I’ve found to be the biggest objections potential sellers have. Powerfully show them how you are the right agent, and then ask them to list with you. Always, always, always close more times than you are comfortable. And, remember if you don’t ASK for the business you are likely to not get it.

1. Go back through the market analysis and the pricing. (They may feel they can get more than what you’re recommending, and your job is to show them the price that the market is bearing)

2. Go back through your marketing plan and how you are going to service them. (They may not be 100% convinced that you are going to do everything possible to sell the home. Your job is to show them that you are the right agent and share your or your company’s proven track record)

3. Talk about commission again. Convince them that you are well worth the commission that you are charging them.

4. Just ask them what specific questions or objections they have that you haven’t covered.

Them telling you at the end of the appointment that they want to interview another agent or think it over is generally a smokescreen for something they either aren’t 100% sold on or aren’t comfortable with.

As a good salesperson, your job is to pull it out of them, handle it and move forward!

It’s the middle of February now and I hope you are on track to Making 2009 YOUR Year!

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