Before I lead a coaching call the other day I was thinking about what I could share with our participants that would really make a difference for them. And after much thought, I came up with one word, consistency.

I thought about what it really is that enables me to be able to sell an average of 110 homes year after year, and realized it’s nothing really extraordinary. Nothing that anyone can’t do if they want to.

In the end I kept coming back to one word, consistency.

My clients, friends, and family often ask me how I keep it all together, and how I handle being a mom of two kids under the age of 9, running two companies, being a wife, and finding the time to exercise daily. And at first I thought, well how else would I behave and live? And then I thought, well there must be something that I’m doing that’s different than some, or they wouldn’t ask how I do it every day, and it’s consistency.

I said this in an blog a few days ago and I want to say it again. The consistency of what you do every day, determines the consistency of your income month after month in this business. I challenge you to look at exactly what you do all day long in this business and in your life.

I’ve found that its much easier to just sort of float through life from one day to the next just taking life as it comes. I’ve coached my clients to actually break it down on an hourly basis for a week or two and write down what they’re doing hour by hour each day. You may be quite surprised at how much time is available for more productive things in your business and in your life if you take this exercise on.

I want to ask you a few questions to compel you to think about the consistency in your business and in your life. Before I do, I want to preface it with, do you believe that top athletes, professional performers, top producing sales people, business owners, doctors, lawyers, and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few, practice consistency in their lives to maintain what they have and do? If so, then what stops you from taking on the same with your life?

With all due respect it’s always amazed me at how people can cheer, and get so overly excited and hyped up about a sporting event. And, they’re great fun and all, I enjoy many of them myself. But it seems many are more excited about someone else’s success than they are their own. I mean what if every day you got up and cheered for yourself, your life, your business, and your family’s life the way you do for the sporting events. Imagine how that alone could shift your day and results.

So back to consistency, here are the questions and thoughts I challenge you to ask yourself.

How consistent are you with the following:

1. Activities that actually create income for you each day?
2. Your follow up with the leads that you generate?
3. Researching, knowing, and being able to powerfully present your market statistics?
4. Communicating with your current clients?
5. Your daily schedule?
6. Exercise?
7. Eating healthy?
8. Your hobbies?
9. Continuing your education?
10. Reading books that will uplift and encourage you?
11. Listening to CD’s that will motivate and inspire you?
12. Getting out of your comfort zone in order to continue to grow?
13. Saying yes to life?
14. Controlling your thoughts?
15. Practicing your sales skills?
16. Being coachable?
17. Time for yourself?
18. Being present and enjoying the “now” of your life?
19. Your income?
20. Your thoughts?
21. Working on getting price reduction for your listings?

The more consistent you can become in these areas the better chance you have of truly excelling in this business, this life. and really Making 2009 YOUR Year!

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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with you and I hope you are Making 2009 YOUR Year!

Christy Crouch