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If you really get down to it, and you’re brutally honest with yourself, are you really as busy as you seem to be?

If you look at how many listings you have, and how many truly, legitimate, qualified buyers you’re working with, and how many pendings you have…are you really that busy?

This is not meant to be a slam, some agents are really, legitimately busy.

For others, this may serve as your wake-up call.

Seriously, there’s 8 hours in a work day.  If you’re really, actually spending most of those eight hours doing lead generation and good follow up then obviously you would have tons and tons of good leads, listings and pendings, shouldn’t you?

And that’s if you do consistent lead generation, which most agents don’t (by consistent I mean calling and/or door knocking expireds, FSBO’s, past clients, sphere of influence and just listed/just solds 5 days a week for a minimum of 2 hours a day).

But even if you did all that, what are you doing with the other 6 hours of the day?

Again, this is not a slam.  Life gets in the way, children get sick, school schedules, spouse’s work schedules, being a single parent work schedule, all sorts of stuff can get in the way.

But day in and day out do you let things get in the way?

Or, do you make certain things more important than other things.  I know agents who spend hours upon hours perfecting thank you notes, brochures and fliers, emails, etc. when they could be generating leads, doing lead follow up, or maybe even getting price reductions.

I’m not in your office 24/7, but I do know what you go through.  I was an agent for almost 10 years, and I’ve seen how you can get bogged down with what you think is really important stuff that actually doesn’t help you sell a house.

And much of it is due to agents being scared to door knock or make phone calls, or that they simply don’t know what to say when they do call, so they passively avoid the lead generation activities.

My partner Christy Crouch and I preach efficiency, time management, accountability and scheduling.  But first you have to be honest…honest with yourself.

Honestly assess your production level and truthfully answer if you’re really that busy based on your production.

The answer might surprise you, if you answer honestly.

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