I think we will all agree that right now mindset is more important than it has been in a really long time. I mean lets face it, it isn’t that hard to be happy, confident, centered and at peace when things are really going well.

Right now however, we are all facing some of the toughest times many of us have ever faced economically speaking. And if we aren’t, then like the President said last night, most of us at least know someone who is. Having the right mindset and attitude is crucial in times like these.

First accept that it’s totally normal to have “those” days, weeks, and even months sometimes. As humans we are always going to have those. Yesterday I was leading my mastermind group and talked about victim vs. responsibility. It hit right home for all of us, mostly because of the continued challenging market conditions.

I personally realized how much I’ve been playing the victim to my life, my business, my financial position, and even my relationships over the last few weeks. You would think as a coach, mentor, and leader that I would “get it” and have it all figured out. But see, that’s just what I want to share with you today. No one has it all going on 100% of the time.

The magic is in noticing when you are heading down that path of doom, gloom, victim, and quickly slipping into the depths of darkness, then choosing to shift it. Reach out for help if you need it. Check out of your life for a moment and take care of you! Without YOU there is nothing. You HAVE to take time to take care of you. Most of us are working harder now than we have in many years just to stay afloat in this business. And, its easy to get caught up in the rat race of do, do, do, and to forget about be, be, be.

So, I want to preface a few questions to make sure you are taking care of your mindset, and that you continue to BE the powerful, amazing person that you are. I challenge you to not allow this market, this economy, and the contiuned negative news to hold you back from BEING all that you want to be. We CAN be, do and have anything we want in our lives despite all that’s going on, if we choose the right path, make the right choices, work hard, and keep our mindset in the right place.

Okay, here are the questions. And I want you to know that I designed these questions for myself. I wrote these last night and have committed to ask myself these questions every single morning before I begin each day. As many of you know, I consistently sell an average of 110 homes a year and co-own a coaching company. It takes an extremely strong mindset to maintain this level of production and all that comes along with it, especially in this market. I simply want to share with you what I’m doing in hopes that it will make a difference for you!

1. Who and how are you being right now?

2. Are you a confident, well skilled, top producing salesperson?

3. What kind of day are you committed to having today?

4. How will you be a contribution to others today?

5. What book will you read today that will strengthen your mindset?

6. What CD will you listen to today that will uplift and encourage you?

7. What can you do today to improve your business?

8. What can you do today to improve your mindset and attitude?

9. What is on your mind, and in your thoughts, that you need to simply let go of?

10. Where is there resistance in your life that you need to remove?

11. How can you make a difference for your clients today?

12. How can I make a difference in my relationships today?

13. What can I do to improve my overall well being today?

For the next 30 days I am committed to asking myself these questions every single day to ensure my mindset, and being stay strong and powerful as we head toward the last month of the first quarter of this year. I hope you will take this on as well. I believe together, we can Make 2009 OUR year!

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