If a seller said to you they wanted to wait until the market gets better, would you be able to successfully handle that objection, or would you simply let them hang up on you?

If a buyer told you they wanted to make a lowball offer, do you simply let them do it, knowing most times it’s an exercise in futility, or can get them to make a fair offer?

What we’re asking is can you easily and confidently handle any and all objections a buyer or seller might give you?

The typical answer to that is “no,” when you ask most agents, which is why we created the book and audio programs Now What Do I Say? which has 425+ handlers for over 70 different objections.

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By the way, here’s just one way you might handle the above objections:

We want to wait until the market gets better

I completely understand.  And let me ask you, with all economic indicators pointing to 3-5 years before we’re back to where we are now, what will not being on the market all that time accomplish for you?

We want to make a lowball offer

I understand.  And it sounds like to me you just want to make sure you’re getting a good deal, correct?  Why don’t we pretend we’re the sellers and do a Comparative Market Analysis on this house to see if they’re priced right?  If they are, then you’ll need to decide how badly you want the house, and make a fair offer.  If they’re not, then let’s come in where the CMA says they should be, okay?

*The book and audio program have 5 more handlers for each of those objections, and 425+ more that you could get from any buyer or seller.

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