You alone have the power to create an amazing life by design. It’s about realizing and tapping into your power to BE, do and have anything that your heart desires.

You’re the One to open your mind and life to the possibility that there is more to life than just life-ing along; You don’t have to be caught up in the rat race of what the world’s standards are, there is true inner peace, joy and happiness possible.

Create your life by design and not by chance. The decision is yours for the making…simply realizing that you’re the one is the first step to having all that you desire

There is absolutely NO proof whatsoever that you cannot be, do and have anything that you put your mind to. In fact, throughout history, time and time again, there is proof to the contrary. You can be, do and have anything you want…absolutely anything. You’re The One.

You’re the kind of person that has often felt that there’s got to be more to life than just this. Maybe it’s something you can’t quite put your finger on, but you know that you’re not like everybody else who seems to just be going through the motions of life, don’t you?

Being The One allows you to create a life of your choosing instead of having your life dictated by circumstances.

The only One that can make a difference in your own life is YOU.

The only magic pill is YOU.

So, what’s stopping you? What are you waiting for? Who are you waiting on to give you what you want?

Are you in a Someday conversation? Someday, when I have enough money, or Someday when I’m successful, or Someday when I have the time…then I’ll do this or that. I’ll buy that thing I’ve always wanted, I’ll do that thing I’ve always said I would do, etc., etc.

We hate to break the news to you…Someday isn’t coming; it’s not on the calendar. The truth is that you are the only One who can make Someday today.

It’s time for you to step into your own power.

What is your power? Have you ever taken a moment to appreciate all the great things about yourself; your talents, your attributes, what you have to offer to the world?

Right now, make a list of 7 to 10 things that you like about yourself. Think about what you do well, what others say they like about you, and what you feel are your greatest attributes.

Now that you have a list of things you like about you, spend some time appreciating you. Read this list daily and realize that this is who you are.

If you don’t believe that You’re The One, what will it take to convince you? Who or what are you waiting on to Be The One that makes the difference in your life?

Can you imagine how accepting and acknowledging that You’re The One can change your entire life? Being The One means that no one and no circumstance has power over you. Start to notice that simply realizing You’re The One instinctively gets you excited!

This is an excerpt from an audio program Scott and I co-wrote, You’re The One.  For more information on this product, or to purchase it, please email

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