My question to you is, what are you waiting on to make it in this real estate business, despite it all?

Are you waiting on the market to get better, the weather to get warmer, the spring market to arrive, or the overall economy to improve?

Yes the market is tough, yes it’s winter time, yes the economy is interesting right now, to say the least.

But, people are still buying and selling houses, and people in the United States are still making money,
despite all this.

So, are you sitting in the bleachers watching it all occur, or are you on the court playing the game?

I was on my mastermind call today and one of the participants told me about an agent in her office that has TEN pendings right now, all written in the month of January! Now clearly, that’s someone who is on the court playing this game of real estate.

So, if you aren’t, my question once again is, what are you waiting on?

I personally have 5 pending deals and am negotiating the 6th right now, and until today, I thought that was pretty darn good with the current market and time of year.

Boy did I get a wake up call today! I realized that I have allowed myself to get caught up in my comfort zone and my own environment. You know, we can only become as good as what we surround ourselves with.

Now, I’m not knocking others here but ask yourself, what are the conversations around you about? Are they about what’s next, what people are up to, what’s good, and positive things? Or, are they mostly negative conversations with yourself and with others? If they’re mostly positive, that’s fantastic! If not, you may want to consider adjusting what you’re allowing in your life, at least a little.

If I weren’t involved in a mastermind group, I wouldn’t have gotten that nice little shot in the arm today to compel me to move away from being comfortable and just existing in this business. It challenged me to go ahead and sell more homes in spite of what’s going, even more than I already was. It expanded my mindset and my goals.

If you aren’t involved with others that are up to something in life, it’s likely that you will get caught up in the status quo. And there is certainly nothing wrong with that. But, if you want something more then you have to reach for something different.

I’m reading a book called You Squared by Price Pritchett for literally the hundredth or so time, and he talks about making quantum leaps. He says quantum leaps in life don’t come from doing the same thing you’ve been doing but instead, taking on new risks and new approaches.

Who says you can’t make it in this market? In fact, who says you can’t increase your production, make more money than you ever have before, and go ahead and Make 2009 YOUR Year despite it all?

Price Pritchett says suspend disbelief. If you must doubt something, doubt your limits!

I challenge you to go ahead and get on the court and play this game of real estate full out! Let your market know you are still here, and that you are here to STAY!

Keep your market local. Don’t pay attention to what’s going on globally. Instead, look at the number of homes selling every day in your marketplace. In my market, as of a few days ago, there have been almost 70 homes sold this year, and I live in a fairly small area. That’s not bad in 30 days now is it?

Get in communication with other agents across the United States that are excelling in this market, and see what they’re doing. Consider creating a mastermind group where you meet on a consistent basis with others that are up to something right now. Google mastermind groups and learn how powerful they can be.

Consider getting some coaching for yourself if you don’t already have it. I’ve been watching the Rocky movies with my son who is 8, and utilizing the story to teach him about dreaming, believing in yourself, never giving up, and the desire and discipline it takes to make the dream come true.

The movies proved the importance of having a coach, a support system , and others around you to push you, motivate you, inspire you, and teach you what you need to know, and do to make it. They pull him up when he’s feeling down and push him when he thinks he can’t go any further. This is exactly what we all need in our life and business.

What makes us think we are any different than professional athletes, singers, and performers of all kinds? They all have support groups, coaches, mentors, and leaders literally surrounding them.

If you don’t already have a coach and mentor, Scott and I would love to help you. As I’ve mentioned before, I consistently sell an average of 110 homes a year and I am teaching agents across the United States exactly what I do to accomplish this.

In fact, we are starting another run of our six week course, How To Take More Expired And FSBO Listings the 2nd week of February and we want to invite you to join us. Over 70% of my business comes from calling and mailing to expired and fsbo listings and Scott and will teach you exactly what to do to have this success in your own business.

If you are interested in learning more about this six week course please simply email us at

Scott and I don’t believe we have any magic pills, just so you know. That’s why our company name is You’re The Difference, Inc. We believe YOU are the only one that can make a difference in your life and business. We simply want to your support system along the way!

Remember, the action is on the court, not in the bleachers of life! Take some action every day toward making 2009 YOUR year!