We’ve all heard the term, “roll with the punches.”  If not from mental health professionals, or self-help gurus, then definitely from Mr.’s Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth in the song, “Jump!” from 1984 (sorry, that one was for me! But those lyrics are in that song!).

Or, maybe more recently, when Rocky Balboa told his son, “It’s not how hard you can hit.  It’s how hard you can GET hit, and keep getting back up.”

This business, this life, will throw some real hay-makers at us.  You duck and weave and bob and maybe jab, then POW!, right in the kisser.  And the more it rains, the more it pours.  As soon as you ask yourself, “What else can go wrong?” you soon find out, don’t you?  WHAMMO!  KABLAM!   Okay, enough with the 1960’s Batman TV punching sound effects.  On with the post.

Today we had our first call of our new 6-week tele-course, How To Take More Expried and FSBO Listings (shameless plug coming later in the blog).  And, today our conference line decided not to work after two years.  We even switched to different bridge lines.  People couldn’t hear us.  We couldn’t hear them.  Then they could, then we could.  People got booted and couldn’t get back on.  It was a mess.

Inside I was not happy, to say the least.  These people paid for this course and gave us their time.  The least we could do is give them call #1 when we said we would, right?

Well, between the cool head of my partner, Christy Crouch, and me remembering what I’ve been taught, and the extremely gracious patience of our participants, we all agreed we would start the course from the beginning next Monday at the same time.

You know, life happens.  Things won’t work when we expect them to, and usually at the times we need them the most.  It’s how you roll with the punches that will make the difference.

How would our clients have felt if we were angry or frustrated on the call.  It was already a frustrating situation for them, why add to it?

One of the easiest ways to roll with the punches is to not get caught up in the minute daily details.  Keep your eye on the prize, the longer term goals.  Christy and I knew we were going to deliver a great course, and people were already blocking out next week for what would have been call #2, so it really wasn’t much of a stretch to start over.  Adding a week at the end is not a big deal, plus we’re recording the calls should anyone have to miss the last one because of the schedule change.

Roll with it!

Besides, now there’s a whole week for people like you to decide to join the course (here’s the shameless plug) for only $399 and learn from an active agent who does over 70 deals a year just from Expireds and FSBO’s alone.  And, you won’t have missed a thing!  Just email info@yourethedifference, or call 609-601-1296 and sign up now.

And remember to roll with the punches in your life and business.