This is going to be a longer blog than normal. I request that you sit down for just a few moments, relax, and please read it. This is an excerpt from the book Scott and I wrote, You’re The One.

I believe it will shift your thinking and allow you to feel better, be more productive, a slight bit happier even, and undoubtedly help you to do more business, if you take on the concepts and ideas.

Desire and discipline go hand in hand. Rarely can you have what you want in life without having the desire to get it, and the discipline to keep on course while you try to get it.

The desire comes first. Your desires are of course, your dreams, visions, and goals. They’re all those juicy things in life that you’ve always thought of having. You must have a truly burning desire for the things in life that you want, in order for them to actually become a reality.

Earl Nightingale knew about the Law of Attraction and the reticular activating system in your brain. He said, “You become what you think about all day long.”

So you had best be thinking about all the things you want to attract in your life, and develop amnesia about what you don’t want to have in your life.

How many times have you heard it before, you need to write down the things you want? Having your goals, dreams and desires only in your head, will likely assure you that you don’t achieve them.

Post your goals in your work and home environment. It’s even better to create a dream book, or dream board with pictures of all the things you want to attract into your life. Make your dreams visible to you and everyone around you. This alone puts you leaps and bounds ahead of most.

Test drive the car of your dreams and make a commitment to the sales manager that you will be back to purchase the car on or before the date of your intention.

Or, go to an expensive restaurant where you’ve always wanted to eat, and simply have a nice appetizer, a good drink and just enjoy the atmosphere and the smells. Absorb what it will be like when you can have the five-course meal at will.

Search the internet and enjoy your dream vacation spots. Maybe go so far as to buy some candles with a scent that represents what it would be like to actually be on vacation in that place. Take a good thirty minutes to really imagine yourself playing there.

The more you can experience now, the stronger the desire becomes, which will ultimately create the reality for you!

Discipline is critical to getting all that you want in life. It takes discipline to do anything worth while. Great athletes have the discipline of practice, and a healthy diet to aid in their performance. Professional singers and actors are much the same; they practice voraciously before they even have the gig. Successful business and salespeople spend hours upon hours of brainstorming, business planning, strategizing, prospecting, crunching numbers, and in most cases, following a daily schedule with specific routines to get them to their desired outcome.

Kids need discipline in order to flourish as they grow up. Without routines, schedules, and disciplines, kids can simply go wild.

Your life can go just as wild without having disciplines set up for yourself. Since you want to create your life by design, and not by chance, then naturally you can see how creating daily disciplines in your life is necessary.

The consistency that you do anything, determines the consistency of the results that will come. The more disciplined you are, the more you can have of that which you desire.

If you are not one who is already structured with daily disciplines, don’t try to transform everything in your life in a day. This would send you into straight overwhelm and frustration. You have to take it like anything else in life, one step at a time.

Start with small things you know you can do on a daily basis, that will lead you closer to your desires.

Doing and Being

Being disciplined means doing the things you need to be doing so that you can achieve your goals. While we all have things to do, it’s not always about what you do, but also, who you’re BEING that makes the difference.

What’s the difference between doing and being?

Everyone knows what doing is; we do things all the time. Do this, do that, get this done, take care of that, run that errand, do that thing you do. As the old saying goes, so much to do, so little time to do it. And, if you’re a parent, then there’s your children’s sports practices and games, and play dates, and extra circular activities, etc. There’s so much to do, you almost have to remind yourself to breathe.

Doing is the action part of what you do to reach your vision and accomplish your goals. Doing is what you do when you go to work or school, or the actual things that you get up and physically do each day.

We do things all day, every day. It’s what we know. How else would we get things done if we didn’t do them, or have them done by someone?

So, what’s being?

Being is who you are inside. Being is your attitude. Being is your spirit. It’s what drives you to do the things you do both good and bad. Being is how you respond, how you react, how you relate, how you choose.

Have you noticed people you just want to be around, or can’t get enough of; people who just seem to get ahead in life? Those people are aware of who they are being. They are conscious of their thoughts, the world around them, and are choosing to be a certain way.

Here’s an example to illustrate the difference between doing and being.

As a salesperson who prospects for leads on a daily basis. What I used to “do” was call people for hours upon hours. I would grind it out day after day, playing the infamous “numbers” game. I figured the Law of Averages would dictate that the more people I talked to and/or the longer I stayed on the phone, the more business I would do.

I would do this every weekday, whether I felt like it or not. There were days when I really didn’t feel like it, and did it anyway. Usually those were the days where I was the least effective, no matter how many people I spoke to. And that could snowball into frustration for the next day, which in turn would make me less effective that day, too. That cycle could go on for a while if I let it.

Then I decided to shift who I was being. I set an intention as to how I would talk to my prospects, how I related to them, how I treated them. I changed my attitude and my focus. Invariably, I was able to be on the phone for less time, make fewer contacts, and quite often do twice the business! I also noticed that those days when I didn’t feel like it were few and far between.

Shifting your spirit, your mindset, your intentions, and focus can shift your entire world!

The idea of who you are BEING has been around for a long time. More and more, scientists and the like are discovering how powerful the human mind is. There are people that say your thoughts control everything.

Henry Ford said something along the lines of, “Whether you believe you can do a thing, or not, you’re right.”

Scott’s son, Cameron used to wrestle. Cameron was a very big, strong kid for his age. So, physically, he could beat anyone he wanted to beat. However, Cameron didn’t have confidence in his skills or strength. He would decide if he was going to win or lose just by the sight of his opponent. Sometimes, the other kid looked bigger, or stronger, or tougher, or just better. At that moment, Cameron’s whole being would change, and you could actually see it happen. Of course, he would lose the match. Later he would tell Scott that he was thinking what if he lost, hoping he didn’t get hurt, or how big or strong the other kid was. Conversely, when Cameron would win, he reported thinking about how he knew he could beat the other kid, or how it was going to feel holding up the first place trophy. Cameron was “doing” all the same moves whether he won or lost. His “being” was what had him win or lose the match.

You can practice this in every area of your life. Who says you can’t go ahead and BE the person that you are striving to become with all you’re “doing”.

Who are you being right now in your life?

Break it down into each area so you can clearly think about who and how you are being.

Who are you being in your relationships?

Who are being with your family?

Who are you being about money?

Who are you being with your overall well being in life?

Who are you being in your business?

If you were in this life alone it wouldn’t make any difference who you were being. But since there are seven billion people on the planet, it’s pretty safe to say that you’re going to run into a few people. While you have to be here with all these others why not be someone who others can’t wait to be around, talk to, spend time with, work with, live with and love with?

Why not be someone who makes a difference in the lives of others instead of only being concerned with what’s in it for you? Or being someone who is afraid, never takes risks, or someone who is frustrated, anxious and stressed out all the time?

What if instead, you were being things like, happy, joyful, peaceful, productive, brave, fearless, flexible, understanding, forgiving and I’m sure you can think of many other more colorful ways of being.

Check in with who you’re Being any chance you get all day long. Chances are, if your not getting the results you want, or you’re experiencing strained relationships, who you’re being could be described by one or more of the following: arrogant, sad, mad, resigned, a victim to everything, a know it all, cynical, selfish, an ego maniac, dependant, overbearing, depressed, stressed, anxious, sick, misunderstood, lazy. By the way, that is a small sample of negative ways of being.

Understanding this, and knowing that you have the CHOICE to decide who and how you’re going to be is what there is to get. You are, and you are not, any of these things, unless you say you are, and choose to be.

What there is to look at, is which being is best suited for the life that you want to create for yourself? And remember, you can be anything, and anyone you want, no matter where you’ve been or where you are now in your life. It’s only a choice and it’s all yours to make!

So, now you know that you need to have discipline to get what you desire, and that shifting even just one percent of your being, can help you outperform thousands of hours of doing.

But how do you set it up so that you do the disciplines on the days when the desire isn’t so strong? What happens when the desire to sleep until 9am outweighs your desire to be healthy by exercising daily at 7am? What happens when you just can’t seem to muster up Being The One? In other words, how do you set your life up so that you succeed whether you consciously want to or not?

Tell the world! Tell the world what you’re up to.

Having outside accountability to hold you to your disciplines can help make it easier to adjust to them and ensure that you actually stick to them

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