My dad had a phrase, “By results…”.  I say “had” because he no longer says it to me.  I guess I grew up enough for him not to have to say it to me anymore.  Or, maybe he just got bored of saying it over and over.

He would say it after I told him I would do something, and ultimately didn’t do it, and then would promise to do it again…usually at a later time after I watched a television show or played with a friend, or something like that.

“You said you’d clean your room yesterday and you didn’t.  Go clean it now.”

“Ummm, I’m gonna clean it after I watch G. I. Joe.”

“Now, you’ll clean it now.”

“Dad, I promise, right after this show…”

“By results…”

The son-of-a-gun didn’t even have to finish that sentence.  I knew he was going to say that I promised before and didn’t do it, so my promise now was no good…by results.

Well how about you, dear reader?  How do you do on your promises…to yourself and to your clients?

Do you get up on time?  Exercise?  Lead generate consistently?  Follow them up consistently?  Give good customer service?  Keep on your schedule?  Spend most of your day doing income generating activities?

By results…

….how many listings do you have?

…how many pendings do you have?


….money in the bank?

Capital One has a great slogan, “What’s in your wallet?” and I think it’s very appropriate here.

Only you know the answers to the above questions.  Are you doing the things you need to do to generate business consistently?  Are you asking for help (colleague, mentor, coach, etc.) when you’re stuck?

Or, are you blaming the market for your troubles, without taking responsibility for how you’re (not) working?

My partner, Christy Crouch, and had many coaching clients that had their best years ever as real estate agents in 2008…and they weren’t short sale or foreclosure specialists.  They simply worked for it.

What’s in your wallet?