Yes, the market is picking up!  But, it could be another challenging year in 2009, if YOU don’t decide to be the one to make a difference in your business.

This is slightly a long blog entry, and if you’ll take just a few minutes to read to the end, I promise you are going to gain some powerful information that can immediately make a difference in your life and your business.

As I’ve mentioned before I have been selling an average of 100 homes a year for the last, well, almost nine years now, and this year no doubt, has been one of the most challenging.

Despite the market, I’ve still sold 85 so far this year.  What’s really exciting is that in the last 30 days business has really picked up!  My business was almost at what seemed like a complete standstill a few months ago, like many of us experienced.

I actually checked my phone lines and voice mail system to make sure they were working properly because my phone rang so little.  Yes, I honestly checked the phone cord to make sure it was plugged into the phone jack.  Then I took it a step further, and actually called the phone company to ensure the voice mail system was working because I wasn’t getting any messages.  LOL!  I was quickly starting to become close to insane.

It didn’t take me long though to realize exactly what the problem was.  “I” with an underline, capital letter, and the biggest bold font you can imagine, was the problem!

It was all on me.  My head was in the gutter.  I was constantly watching the news, listening to CNN, and talking to everyone and their brother to find agreement that the market sucked, and life in real estate was fading quickly.

My team could hardly stand to be around me because I had become Mrs. Doom and Gloom in every sense of the word.

I had stopped doing all the things that I knew to do, to stay afloat despite the world around me.  I no longer read books, listened to audio programs, I stopped calling my accountability partners, I decided I didn’t need a coach.  You know, I figured, shoot by now, I can do it on my own.  After all, I had been doing this learning, motivational, coaching, mentoring stuff for almost nineteen years, “I’ve got it”, is what I thought.  Boy was my ego out of control!  Needless to say I quickly went into a dark, lonely breakdown!

Fortunately, I knew breakdowns are only a stepping stone to breakthroughs, and the bigger the breakdown the bigger the breakthrough!

One day after getting an email invitation to a free call about how to make the last quarter of 2008 the best quarter you’ve ever had in life and in business with some motivational company I had never heard of I decided, hmmm, it’s time to get back to the things that I know will pull me out of this breakdown so I registered for the call.

I knew before I even got on the free call that it was time for my breakthrough to occur!

I listened to the entire call and it was all phenomenal stuff, but, the one thing that stuck in my head was that CNN stood for Constant Negative News!

I had always been taught not to listen to, read or pay attention to the news but again, I had gotten away from all my successful habits.  It just really rang my bell to hear that.  It jolted me into realizing that even after nineteen years of of being coached, following my mentors, leaders, coaching others, and doing all the things they’ve taught me that even I can’t stay on track 100% of the time, And that even I, can’t go this thing alone.

We all need each other in life.  We need supporters, leaders, mentors, teachers, people that can pull us back when we are falling, cheerleaders in our corner.  People who have done what we’re trying to accomplish so we can do it with less hardship and effort.  Learn from their mistakes, challenges and take on what they’ve learned!

At that moment, I decided to draw the line, and get my but back to the basics of what I had always done to have the life, business, and peace of mind I once had.

Right now I want to quickly share the top 10 things I’ve done to create success and balance in my life both personally and professionally for the last nineteen years.

1.  From 8:00-5:00 during a business day, I only allow myself to listen to audio programs that are designed to forward my life and business.

2.  I exercise five times a week for vitality, stress reduction, energy, and the simple discpline of it.  And of course, for the health benefits.

3.  I write 10 things that I’m grateful for each day, and 10 things that I want to accomplish each day with a partner.  We email them to each other first thing in the morning

5.  I participate in mastermind groups.  That very day I called a friend and said lets create a mastermind group for 2009 and we’ve already had our first three calls together!

6.  I read atleast 15 minutes a day.  This has to be some type of book that is going to further my life and career.

7.  I attend Church, Read the Bible, and Pray.  I don’t mean to be religious here, this is just what I do.  Whatever it is you do to have spiritual well being, is what you should do.  Meditation is also a good practice.  Or, just simply taking time outside of your life and world, to thank your higher being, to reflect on life, be grateful, pray, ask for guidance and simply have quiet time with yourself to discover what’s going on with YOU.

8.  I plan for, work on, read and think about my business and life from outside it on a consistent basis.  Take time away from your day to day activities to reflect on the big picture, your vision, your goal, your systems, what works and what doesn’t work in your life and business.  Determine new actions, new habits and ideas to get you to where you want to go.

9.  Increase, improve, and work on my customer service.  Thank them, over service them.  under promise and over deliver to them in every respect.

10.  Think and speak about the things I want instead of the things I don’t want.  And last, not watch, read, or listen to the media and stay away from conversations with others about anything that’s too negative.  Focus on the things in life that make you feel.  Napoleon Hill said, you get what you think about all day long so be careful what you chose to think about!

Ok, so in wrapping my story here up, I went to Church that Sunday after deciding that my breakdown was over, and I was now prepared to take on my breakthrough.  This was the first time I had been to church in quite some time because remember, in my breakdown, I had stopped doing all the things that got me to where I was in life.  I was Mrs. doom and Gloom!

I went forward to pray after my big ah ha moment of realizing it wasn’t the market at all, it was me that was causing this huge breakdown.  I wanted to thank God and ask him for guidance of where to go now.

As my pastor and I were praying she said to me, Christy, You’re The One.  She went on to repeat this upwards of five times in a row staring me straight in my eyes.  I got complete chills and burst into tears.  Why?  Because the name of an audio program I co-wrote with my partner, Scott Friedman is called, You’re The One. What really gave me the chills is that my pastor had NO idea that I had written a book / audio program at all, much less the name of it.

Tears of joy and triumph and a little guilt even, came endlessly down my cheeks as I realized that even after writing You’re The One, I had not been being The One in my own life to make a difference.  I was humbled at that very moment in knowing that no one in this world is perfect and none of us will be at the top of our game 100% of the time.  I went back and listened to my own audio program over and over for a solid week.

Quickly my life and business and entire being began to shift.  The colors in the world seemed a little brighter, my family life was becoming joyous again.  My business started picking up rapidly, and overall I felt like the weight of the world had literally been lifted off my shoulders.

Why am I being so authentic and sharing all this with you?  Great question!  Because, I want YOU to be the difference in your life and in your business and realize that You’re The One to be, do and have anything you want in your life!

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