Before I get into this post, I want to welcome my co-founder, co-author and friend, Christy Crouch, back to these pages.  Christy took some much needed time off to take care of some personal matters and focus on her real estate business (it seems that selling over 100 homes a year can be pretty time consuming!).

Christy will be blogging regularly pretty soon, and we have some great new courses coming in the New Year that will help you do more sales immediately!

And now, on to the post as we continue our theme on the December Sales Event!

To reiterate, most salespeople have shut down mentally and physically since Halloween, looking to pick it back up in January.  You work in December and you will insure a great first quarter of 2009 while everyone else starts from scratch.

However, it seems every time I’ve posted in the last couple of weeks another “December contained” sale happens to someone I know and/or coach.  “December contained” is my new term for a real estate sale that goes under contract (pending) and closes in December.

So, true to form, I posted a couple days ago and today a listing agent in New Jersey reported that his seller accepted a contract that will close in 7 days!!!

I’m just posting these to blow away the conventional thinking that many salespeople have:  nobody’s buying or selling during the holidays.

Not only are they buying and selling, they’re freakin’ closing!!

So, go get yours!  9 more selling days until Christmas, but still 20 days until the end of the year.  And so what if it doesn’t close this year…it wouldn’t suck to start of the New Year with some extra pendings, would it?

If you get some sales, let us know by commenting below.

Scott Friedman