You know how some stores advertise “1-day only sale!”, or “weekend sale event!”, or even “this week only!”?

Well, I’m announcing your “17 day sales event!”

As of today there are only 17 shopping days until Christmas.  17 days until everything basically stops until January 5th (yes, the 5th, because New Year’s Day is a Thursday so I don’t think much will get done with a work week starting on a Friday, do you?).

In karate they teach you that in order to break a piece of wood with your hand, elbow or foot you need to visualize yourself going through the wood, not just hitting the wood.  If you just see yourself hitting the wood, you will likely hurt yourself and not go through it.  If you visualize yourself going through the wood, you wil break the board easily.

Well, December 25th is your board.  And you need to visualize yourself working smart these next 17 days and beyond, so that you set up a tremendous 1st quarter 2009.  If you look at Christmas Day as the stopping point, you will likely stop working, mentally and/or physically, much sooner than the 25th and therefore not break the board.  The pain will be starting from scratch on January 5th.

So, what do you need to do to be productive these next 17 days?

What do you need to improve on for 2009?

What objections do you need to work on handling?

Have you created goals and a plan for 2009?

These are just a few provocative questions you can ask yourself during the month of December as you work your “17 day sales event.”

Scott Friedman