It’s December 15th, just about half way through the month.  After today there will only be 7 work days until Christmas.

Now it’s time to really focus.  And, you can both focus and enjoy yourself.

For 7 work days, you can set your 2009 goals, work on your business, and generate leads, and follow up, and also have fun.

Enjoy the lunch trays brought in by customers, clients and/or affiliates.  Just don’t gorge yourself and let the lunch take over your whole day.  If you know the tray is coming at 12:15, don’t start hovering around the office lunch area at 11:45 just to be the first to get turkey on rye.  And, if you pig out, you’ll put yourself in a food coma and be basically worthless work-wise for the rest of the day.

Same thing with the cookie and cake trays.  Moderation is the key.  If you up your sugar intake too much, you’ll crash really hard.  Not to mention you won’t fit into your pants.

Go to those Christmas parties, just make sure you don’t drink too much if you’re scheduled to work the next day.

As I’ve no doubt been saying over and over again all month, work when you’re supposed to be working, celebrate when your supposed to be celebrating and don’t let the two mix.  Don’t do work on your holidays, and don’t take holidays on your work days.

Pretty soon it’s going to be January, and you will wake up on January 2nd with all the fruits of your 4th quarter labor.

If you have no business it’s because you didn’t plant your seeds.

There’s still plenty of time…go out there and plant your seeds so you start off the New Year on fire!

Just imagine having lots of pending income when you start the year off!

Go for it!