If you are thinking of calling all of those expired listings that will come up next Friday, January 1st and are unsure of what to say, I wanted to share my script with you.

It’s allowed me to do more than 70% of my business with Expired’s and FSBO’S.  I’m actually going to give you the script that I use for leaving messages when I can’t get an answer, and you can basically use the same if you do catch someone home.

Now obviously you want to try to reach them in person whenever possible to set an appointment.  But, I’ve found that now a days, it seems a lot of folks are screening their calls with caller ID, and may not answer if they don’t recognize the number.

The other beauty of leaving messages is that most other agents even if calling at all, generally aren’t leaving a message.  And, I want you to know it WORKS!  Day after day I get clients calling back from my message asking to set an appointment!

Hi, this is _____ with ______, I noticed that your home came up on our computer today as an expired listing, and I just wanted to check to see if you guys were planning to interview a different agent for the job of helping you?

If you are, I would love the opportunity to meet with you and show you what I can offer.  I work with a lot of folks here in the area and have a very active and aggressive marketing plan that’s actually really effective!  I have been able to sell ____ homes so far this year, and consistently sell an averagey of ______ homes each year.

I mention this, just because I feel confident that I can help you get your home sold and of course, given the opportunity would take excellent care of you.  If you would be interested in getting together my office number direct is __________.  Thank you for taking the time to listen and I hope to connect with you.

It is a little long and yet I generally have plenty of time to get the entire script out, and it’s been very effective in getting response.  If you are new or haven’t sold a number of homes that you would want to mention, then you can use your companies’ numbers and simply say my company has sold ____ homes so far this year and consistently sells an average of ______ each year.

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