Over the weekend I watched Merry Christmas Drake and Josh with my kids, and I gotta tell you that Drake kid can sing.  Click below to see a youtube video of the song that was clearly filmed by a visitor to the set.  He starts a rock version of the 12 days of Christmas that is great, and he should really put an album of Christmas songs together.

But I digress!  These are the 12 Days of Sales and I wanted to write about your goals and business plan.

If you don’t know by know, you need to have clearly defined goals, a business plan to achieve the goals, and a schedule based on the plan in order to really succeed in sales.

95% of the people in the world have no written goals.

Of the 5% with written goals, many don’t have a plan to achieve them.

Most 1099 sales people, like real estate agents, don’t have a schedule and don’t want a schedule.

So, I’m going to assume you’ve got some goals (if not, think of things you want to be, do and have….quick!).

I’m going to assume you would follow a schedule if you had a reason to do so.

And, I’m going to assume you have no business plan.

So, to write a business plan it’s pretty simple.

1. You need to know how much business you need to do to achieve your goals.

Example: You want to net $100,000 in sales commission before taxes.  You’re average commission check is $5,000 net to you.  You need 20 sales to net $100,000 ($100,000 / $5,000 = 20).

2.  You need to know where that business is coming from.

If you’re not new in the business, look at last year’s information.  For real estate sales, look at For Sale By Owners, Expired’s, Past Clients, Sphere of Influence, Sign/Ad Calls, etc.  What percentage were listings sold, what percentage were buyer sales?

Or, where do you want the business to come from?

3.  What’s it going to take to get that business?

Again, if you have last years numbers, and you track them, you can find out how many contacts led to an appointment, how many appointments led to sales, etc.

If you’re new, or don’t have last years numbers, ask a mentor, your manager or your coach (ahem!) to help you with these numbers.

A rule of thumb good starting point is to contact a minimum of 20 new people a day on top of your past clients and sphere of influence.  If you do that consistently, you’ll be well on your way to generating some good sales.

4. What challenges are you going to face in acheiving your goals?

Laziness, complacency, skills, fear, burnout, discipline, etc. are places to start looking.

5.  What are the solutions to the challenges you will face?

Accountability partners, mastermind groups, hiring a coach (ahem, again!), scheduling vacations and other fun things throughout the year, etc. are places to start looking.

6.  Set up your personal schedule accordingly.  Make sure you put your life and your business in the schedule.  Lead generation, follow up, administration, kids, workout, etc.

*No one sticks to their schedule all the time, it’s the desire to try.  It’s the desire to make your lead generation time just as important as picking your kids up from school, or your sales appointments.  You wouldn’t blow off those things, so dont blow off lead generation.

If you start with those 6 things, you’ll have a basic, workable business plan to succeed in 2009!

Scott Friedman