This year is quickly coming to an end and I have a question for you, have you started planning and thinking about 2009?

Some say it will be just as tough a year as 2008, maybe worse. And, for many agents, it could prove to be the best year they’ll ever have!

Why and how could it be the best? Simply choosing, claiming, planning for, and intending it to be a great year, is a good start.

I’m sure everyone has heard of a business plan, yet a lot of real estate agents would never think of taking the time to actually write a business plan for their business.

I have done this from the start of my career, almost nineteen years ago now. This is one of the main reasons I am able to consistently sell over a hundred homes a year.

I want to share with you here, what I do in my business plan.

First, is to reflect on the previous two to five years. Ask yourself the following questions to prepare yourself for what to expect in 2009:

How many homes have sold sold on average
What has your income been on average?
What activities did you do to create these sales and income?
What were your most effective actions?
What were your biggest challenges?
Where did most of your business come from?

Don’t worry if you haven’t carefully tracked your business and numbers and don’t know the answers to all these questions, just answer the ones that you do know.

In a few days I’ll blog again about creating the 2009 plan.

Our goal is to help you make 2009 YOUR year, despite the market, media or statistics that we’re hearing about in the real estate sales, housing, and mortgage industries right now.

And remember, there is still a half a month in December so while you should certainly be enjoying family time and shopping and all the great things that come along with the Holiday season, you can still list and sell homes!

In fact, if you haven’t called on expired listings before, I bet your market will have a TON of expired listings on Dec. 31st and you could really create some business for yourself in 2009 if you would take on calling them, mailing to them, or door knocking them.

This leads me to something I want to offer to you:

We are doing a FREE call on Thursday Jan 8th from 1:00 – 2:00 pst./ 4:00-5:00 est,

Make 2009 YOUR year!

This is a business planning call where I share exactly what I do every day to sell over a hundred homes a year with a quick Q & A at the end where you can ask me anything you want to know. And, it’s FREE to you! A question to ask yourself is, why on earth would I not sign up and listen in to this free call?

All you have to do is simply email us at and put FREE CALL in subject line and you will be emailed back with the number and code to dial in to.

Take some action every day to make 2009 YOUR year!